Independent Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan (middle) and Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe (right) attended the inauguration meeting of the People's Party Taipei City Councilor candidate Chen Youcheng's campaign headquarters in the morning.

(Photo by reporter Zhu Peixiong)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] The election battle for Taipei mayor is raging, but Wu Jingyi, a former staff member of Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe, believes that the non-party candidate Huang Shanshan will be marginalized and will enter "garbage time"; For example, he said that the election campaign still has 55 days, and the result will not be known until the last second; Huang Shanshan believes that to talk about abandoning the guarantee is to underestimate the wisdom of the people, and should "abandon saliva, abandon blue and green, and protect Huang Shanshan."

Ke Wenzhe and Huang Shanshan attended the inaugural meeting of the Taiwan People's Party's Taipei City Councilor candidate Chen Youcheng's election headquarters. During the interview before the meeting, they responded to Wu Jingyi's comments, saying that Israel and Egypt and other coalition forces fought for 6 days. But there are still 55 days until the election, and several "Six-Day Wars" will be fought.

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Ke Wenzhe emphasized that the election must show a fighting spirit, and the victory or defeat should not be known until the last second. Therefore, we should uphold the concept and earnestly win the support of voters. As for the outside world rumored to abandon the DPP candidate Chen Shi to protect Huang Shanshan, Huang Shanshan reiterated, Talking about abandoning security every day is to underestimate the wisdom of the people. The most important thing should be "abandoning saliva, abandoning blue and green, and protecting Huang Shanshan."

As for Huang Shanshan, who helped Chen Zhiming, a candidate for the power of the times, to stand on the platform yesterday, and now he supports Chen Youcheng, a son of the army, the outside world thinks that it may affect the seats of the third force. As for Chen Youcheng, he is not only his assistant for 24 years, but also deeply cultivated in the local area. From the people at the scene, you can see the election situation. Therefore, the election still depends on your own diligence and usually do things, rather than waiting for the election to do things.