Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the Democratic Progressive Party, attended the "Battle Top" charity event organized by Senator Hong Jianyi at Songshan Elementary School on the 2nd, and was interviewed by the media.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Former Times Power Legislator Huang Guochang expressed his support for Huang Shanshan, a non-party mayoral candidate for Taipei, but Shili stated that this was a personal judgment; DPP candidate Chen Shizhong said that he respected Huang Guochang personal choice.

As for the recent stalemate in the election battle and the rumors of "abandoning Chen Baohuang", Chen Shizhong emphasized that this discussion is meaningless, and each candidate should work hard and return to politics, so that the citizens can choose the best and the best.

Hong Jianyi is currently holding a public welfare activity "Fight Up - Let's Top!" at Songshan Elementary School. Chen Shizhong originally planned to participate in the activity and serve as the "Great Demon King", but it was temporarily canceled to avoid political disputes on campus, and it was changed to the media outside the school gate. After the joint visit, he left after a brief interaction with Hong Jianyi.

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Regarding yesterday's criticism of Huang Shanshan's inability to return to the sky and the Kuomintang's operation of blue and green, Chen Shizhong will explain again today that he is only pointing out the facts, not turning defense into an offensive strategy for the election; as for this afternoon, he will be on the same stage for the first time with the DPP New Taipei mayoral candidate Lin Jialong. , Chen Shizhong said that Ben will be connected at any time. In the future, both of them will be elected and will communicate and hotline at any time. As long as they are good for Shuangbei, they can cooperate.

And Huang Guochang expressed his support for Huang Shanshan yesterday. Chen Shizhong believes that this is a personal choice and should be respected. Many things do not need to be connected too much. As for the recent discussion of "abandoning Chen Baohuang", Chen Shizhong stressed that this discussion is meaningless , each candidate should work hard and return to political views, so that the public can choose the wise and capable.