Every year, the Day of Territorial Defense falls on the first Sunday of October.

In 2022, it is October 2.

The holiday is new.

It was introduced by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi in 2020.

Now, when our country once again faced an aggressor, it is difficult to overestimate the contribution of the ground defense fighters.

From January 1, 2022, territorial defense is included in the Armed Forces as a separate branch of the military.

Congratulations on the Day of Territorial Defense: in your own words and in poems

On the Day of the Territorial Defense Forces, I wish to faithfully and proudly stand guard over the peace and well-being of the country, boldly and easily repel all attacks from the enemy, eliminate any problems and obstacles on the horizon, maintain peace and optimism of the soul, keep happiness and kindness in the heart.


Courage, honor, strength and courage - only the best of the best took the oath in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You are ready to defend your Motherland without losing a single moment.

On the holiday, we wish you a calm, peaceful sky above your head, a happy personal life and a well-deserved promotion.


Ukraine is a powerful country,

but it also needs protection, so

that the language of the nightingale blossoms, so

that grief will not be known until death.

Courageous, strong, we thank you

for the cloudless sky above us.

We wish that the gray years

run to you only with stars.

Let the clear skies laugh,

Let everything be as you wish.

Life will be long, like a braid

that girls used to wear.


I wish you success in all your affairs, so that you stand firmly on the border, so that you are respected and proud of you.

Let the weapons be powerful, but so that you don't have to use them.

Peace and goodness, happiness and prosperity.


You are our hope and support, the

dignity of freedom-loving Cossacks.

High disobedience of the ancestors

In the hearts of brave soldiers!

The Cossack spirit is faithful and victorious

. It gave you strength and courage.

You are real warriors and knights, the

blue-fronted banners bowed to you!


Like a phoenix, you have been reborn again, You

stood proudly in defense of Ukraine.

You have overcome mutiny and conspiracy.

They closed the way for invaders and hordes!

You preserved our independence,

You sanctified the flag with an oath,

So that enemies could never

Overcome your loyalty to the oath.

May your experience and pain be courageous.

Because time and medicine will not heal the loss.

And there is bread and salt on the table every day,

as a symbol of insubordination forever!

Happy Territorial Defense Day: pictures in Ukrainian

Happy Territorial Defense Day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy Territorial Defense Day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy Territorial Defense Day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy Territorial Defense Day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy Territorial Defense Day / Photo: TSN.ua