When Su Zhenchang went to Yilan for Jiang Congyuan's platform, he criticized the Kuomintang Yilan County Mayor Lin Zimiao and ran after reporters when he was indicted for corruption.

(Photo by reporter Jiang Zhixiong)

[Reporter Jiang Zhixiong/Yilan Report] Jiang Congyuan, the candidate for Yilan County Mayor nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party, held the inaugural meeting of the Yilan City Support Association today. Executive President Su Zhenchang, who was present and supported, criticized the Kuomintang County Mayor Lin Zimiao and was arrested for corruption. When prosecuting, in the face of the media interviewers, they ran down to the reporters, how did the Yilan villagers feel when they saw such a scene?

Jiang Congyuan held the inaugural meeting of the Yilan City Support Association at the Cihang Palace in Yilan. Su Zhenchang, together with the Minister of the Interior Xu Guoyong, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee Chen Jizhong, and the legislator Chen Oupo also appeared on the platform to support the Yilan County five-in-one election nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party. The candidates appeared on the same stage, leading the supporters on the scene to shout "Gu Yilan, change the county magistrate, Jiang Congyuan frozen garlic".

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Jiang Congyuan said that when he joined the DPP in 1999, he made a wish of "doing it well if you want to do it." We will promote the widening of the Ximen Bridge in Yilan City. Next, we will extend the Yilan A-Link Road to Longtan behind the Cihang Palace in Yilan, creating the highest density of tourist factory settlements in the country.

Su Zhenchang said that when people talked about Yilan in the past, they often talked about the anti-KMT sacrifice for Taiwan and environmental protection, Chen Dingnan, and everyone gave a thumbs up. Now the Yilan county magistrate has been prosecuted for corruption, and his satisfaction is still very high, which makes people puzzled. Yes, do Yilan people have different values?

Is it good to have money?

Su Zhenchang pointed out that Lin Zimiao was the county magistrate of Yilan. The head man elected by the villagers lowered his head and ran after reporters. This scene was different from the Yilan he knew. Was the Yilan county magistrate like this in the past?

I wonder how the Yilan folks feel?

After that, Su Zhenchang changed his words and praised Jiang Congyuan for his hard work. He has served as a 2-term Yilan County Councillor and a 2-term Yilan Mayor. He passed the public opinion test. There are still 55 days before the polling day. Please think carefully and choose the one who really works Jiang Congyuan.

Lin Zimiao's campaign team responded that the value of Taiwan and Yilan is to let the people live a good life, not the value of the DPP's arbitrary bullying, nor the value of the DPP's open-eyed and nonsense.

Jiang Congyuan (left) held the inaugural meeting of the Yilan City Support Association today, and Su Zhenchang (right) was present to support it.

(Photo by reporter Jiang Zhixiong)

The candidates nominated by the DPP for the five-in-one election in Yilan County appeared on the same stage.

(Photo by reporter Jiang Zhixiong)

A large number of supporters showed up at the venue.

(Photo by reporter Jiang Zhixiong)