Gao Mayor Election Newspaper Poll

[Reporter Lin Liangsheng/Taipei Report] At the end of the year, the election campaign was in full swing. The Kuomintang recruited former legislator Ke Zhien to challenge Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai.

The latest poll by this newspaper shows that Chen Qimai's support is 52.

○1%, Ke Zhien 20.

Three percent, the gap between the two sides is thirty-one.

Seventy-one percent, the other two candidates without party membership, Zheng Yuxiang and Zeng Yinli, both had less than three percent support, and 24.

42% have not yet decided (including refusal to answer).

68% are optimistic about Chen Shengxuan Ke less than 9%

In terms of optimism for winning the election, Chen Qimai is 68.

○7%, Ke Zhien only 8.

Ninety-nine percent, and the other two candidates without party membership have the highest optimism of only about one percent, 21.

Eighty-two percent have no comments (including refusal to answer).

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Among the respondents to this poll, 52.

72% voted for Chen Qimai in the last Kaohsiung mayoral by-election, 8.

Nine percent voted for Li Meizhen of the Kuomintang, ○.

Forty-seven percent voted for Wu Yizheng of the People's Party, and another 11.

Sixty-one percent said they had forgotten, twenty-six.

Thirty-one percent did not go to the polls.

Both men and women have more than half of their support

According to the cross-analysis of the polls, both male and female, Chen Qimai's support is more than half, and the male is 51.

Sixty-two percent and fifty-two women.

48%; Ke Zhien's male support is 22.

Thirty-nine percent, female support is 17.

Seventy-seven percent.

Zheng Yuxiang and Zeng Yinli's male support is two respectively.

○5% and three.

Forty-two percent, but both had less than one percent female support.

The overall undecided (including refusal) ratio of female voters was 28.

Ninety-three percent, male voters are twenty.

Sixty-eight percent.

The survey was conducted by the Liberty Times Public Opinion Survey Center on the evening of September 28 to September 30. It successfully interviewed 1,071 people over the age of 20 in Kaohsiung City. The sampling error is plus or minus at the 95% confidence level. two.

within ninety-nine percent.

The survey is based on Kaohsiung City's residential phone number as the matrix, and the mantissa is randomly sampled, and the gender and age of the respondents are weighted; the funding comes from the Liberty Times.