Shen Huihong, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu from the Democratic Progressive Party.

(The picture is provided by Shen Huihong Jingjing)

[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng/Bamboo City Report] Shen Huihong, the candidate for the mayoral election of Hsinchu of the Democratic Progressive Party, listed a large list of Internet lists against Gao Hongan, the candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu of the People's Party. The list has been exposed by netizens. As long as there is no praise, it will be regarded as a negative attack by Gao Hongan. Shen Huihong believes that such big data experts and big data analysis are just a joke on the Internet.

In response to yesterday's statement that Wu Zijia and Gao Hongan were on the same stage, saying that Shen Huihong agreed to Ke Wenzhe to serve in the North City Government, Shen Huihong said that it was completely false. Gao Hongan used famous thugs like Wu Zijia to create news and rumors.

Shen Huihong solemnly advises Gao Hongan not to cut and smear these famous rumors. As a mayoral candidate, Gao Hongan should take the relevant responsibility for his false remarks and vulgar expressions at the same event yesterday. Please make a public apology for Gao Hongan. and explain it to the public.

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In response to Gao Hongan's statement that when he is the mayor, he must thoroughly investigate whether there is any fraud in the baseball stadium. Shen Huihong said that when Ke Wenzhe was campaigning, he said that he would investigate the Big Dome, but after 8 years, there was nothing. It is a pity that the political saliva of the government agencies is handled in accordance with the law. Please Gao Hongan stop spraying political saliva.

In response to Wu Zijia's claim that the second place in the polls is too unreasonable, Shen Huihong said that such famous thugs have already lost their credibility, and Gao Hongan has made mistakes one after another. Proposing policies, not political slobber.

In response to Gao Hongan’s claim that supporting Zhou Yukou was supporting Shen Huihong yesterday, Shen Huihong said that Gao Hongan has sang the green class in the past, attacked voters of different positions, and now uses labels maliciously. Gao Hongan is trying to manipulate opposing politicians and will not follow suit. She dances.