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The Spanish Maritime Rescue Service reported that it found four dead on board a boat with migrants off the Canary Islands, carrying 34 people, BTA reports.

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A few hours earlier, one survivor had been rescued at night by a merchant ship.

Migrant protection NGO Caminando Fronteras said on Twitter that it received a distress call from the same boat on September 24, just hours after it set sail from the Western Sahara coast with 34 people on board.

Therefore, 29 passengers are missing.

The victims of the shipwreck near Syria are already 100

"On September 24, we received a signal about this boat that had just left the coast just south of Layun at dawn," explained Helena Maleno of Caminando Fronteras.

A week later, the boat was spotted off the southern Canary Islands with "one completely exhausted 26-year-old man and four bodies on board. A few hours later we found out that this was the boat that had left with 34 people on board," she explained. .

"The other 29 were swallowed by the ocean," she believes.

This is "a new tragedy along one of the most dangerous routes for migrants, the route of the Canary Islands," Maleno emphasized.

The boat was found by the Spanish Maritime Rescue Service about 280 km from the island of Gran Canaria.

Since the beginning of the year, some 11,500 migrants have managed to cross to the Canary Islands from Africa, according to Spanish government data as of September 15.

According to Caminando Fronteras, 978 people died trying to cross.

At its closest point, the Moroccan coast is only 100 km from the Canary Islands.

But most of the migrants depart from places located considerably further south.

The road is particularly dangerous because there are many currents in the ocean.

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