The five sections in the municipality of Ardino, in which the machines were running on batteries due to an interrupted power supply due to the strong wind, are now working with normal power, RIC chairman Pavel Gatev told BTA.

According to him, they did not vote by paper ballot because of the lack of electricity. 

"Gallup" with voter turnout at 5 p.m.

According to the Regional Press Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, five teams of the fire services in Ardino, Jebel and Kardjali were sent to the villages of Ardino municipality - Gorno Prahovo, Dolno Prahovo, Chernigovo and Bashevo after the signal was given that there was a failure in the power supply.

Two teams in the village of Gorno Prahovo have temporarily supplied electric current with a generator for the operation of the machines in two polling stations until the power supply is restored.

In the rest of the settlements, the electricity supply was restored and there was no need for the intervention of the fire brigade teams, who, however, remained on duty.