Zhong Dongjin (the first from the right) made a big campaign to propose policies.

(Provided by Zhong Dongjin)

[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli report] The election of Miaoli County mayor is in full swing.

Zhong Dongjin, a candidate without party membership and the Speaker of the Miaoli County, held a 10,000-person rally last night to create momentum. Candidate Song Guoding said that his original intention of running for the election hoped to be recognized by voters.

Zhong Dongjin said that he is planning to prepare a comprehensive long-term care happy home with multiple functions such as nursing, medical care, and companionship. Through the mechanism of public office and professional legal person, it will provide elders with a better home at a relatively cheap price. better living environment, and young people can save money.

He will also compile the Miaoli three festivals to pay 1,000 yuan each and continue the policy of Xu Yaochang's youth returning home.

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Xie Fuhong said that in response to the recent demands of the industrial unions of schools at all levels in Miaoli, he will promote the reduction of official documents, and will also reduce the number of teaching sessions and increase the number of full-time school administration for teachers who also serve as lunch, information, cooperatives and other businesses and teachers who serve as administrative positions. manpower.

Some of the acting teachers have discussed and enjoyed the current "extended employment" policy.

Song Guoding played the emotional card, pointing out that the case of the closed factory workers was the starting point for his participation in politics. Because of his obligation to assist in defense, he believed that the most vulnerable people could be taken care of and protected, and that everyone could receive due care.

He also emphasized that the reason for running for the county mayor is that he hopes that his hometown will be a very warm place where no one needs to worry, no one is ignored and forgotten.

Song Guoding mentioned the original intention of running for election.

(Provided by Song Guoding)

Xie Fuhong on education policy.

(Provided by Xie Fuhong)