"The progress of Bulgaria depends on the votes of the people.

The country needs a stable government with clear political priorities and goals."

This was stated by the leader of the GERB-SDS list

The Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, the successor of Denitsa Sacheva in the Dobrich region

Denitsa Sacheva was born on November 2, 1973 in the city of Sofia.

It is from 2017 to December 2019, after he released his voice at the P.R. Slaveykov Secondary School in the city.

She pointed out that she voted for the people who are proven to know and can solve problems, as well as for a strong representation of the Dobrich region in the next parliament, in order to defend the interests of the people of Dobrudja to live better.

"Winter will be difficult and families and businesses need security and predictability.

In order to overcome the crises, urgent measures will be needed, including controlling inflation and energy prices and the rapid launch of European programs and projects, Sacheva emphasized and added that GERB

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in will make efforts to form a government.

Rumen Hristov: Compromises will be needed to form a government

She called on citizens to be active so that the country does not enter a spiral of elections, apathy and mistrust again.

"People are tired, but without their participation we cannot move forward.

It's more regrettable what you didn't do than what you did.

Therefore, not only is it good for more people to vote, but also to convince others to do so," the leader of the list also stated.

Denitsa Sacheva