Ashok Gehlot participated in Banega Swasth India Telethon.

New Delhi:

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said in Banega Swasth India telethon on Sunday that 22 lakh people have been benefitted by the health insurance of Rajasthan government.

When asked about the Bhilwara model for prevention of COVID-19 during the pandemic, Gehlot said that under the ₹10 lakh insurance scheme, heart patients would get treatment.

He said, "Treatment is free for outpatients and out-patients. Testing is also free. We take care of expenses even after 15 days of discharge and 22 lakh people have been benefitted."

Bhilwara, one of the biggest Kovid hotspots, came under control after the government launched an aggressive response.

He said that like the health scheme of the central government, he has benefited a lot from the health scheme of the state government.

Like earlier MMR 445 in 2005 it has gone down.

We are taking all those steps which will benefit us.

When asked about the need to empower women, Gehlot said that empowerment of women is a priority and the state government has taken several steps in this regard.

"About 1.35 crore women have been made heads and we are giving them smartphones and the project is underway," he said.

Gehlot said, "Women should talk about periods in the family and they should get free sanitary pads."

The name of this scheme has been named UDAN.

The name of the smartphone scheme has been named Indira Shakti Yojana.

CM told NDTV, "Change is coming and Rajasthan is also not behind."

The Rajasthan chief minister, long embroiled in a controversy over the Congress president's election, was kicked out of the race earlier this week after a rebellion by his loyalists that left the Gandhi family and central leaders deeply upset.

After meeting with Sonia Gandhi on Thursday, Gehlot announced that he would not contest the elections.

He took moral responsibility for the rebellion.

The purpose of which was to keep Ashok Gehlot's arch rival Sachin Pilot out of power.