Pingtung County Mayor Meng An supported the election of Cai Qichang platform, and called on the mayor to change the party and replace the person.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung report] Cai Qichang, the candidate for mayor of Taichung from the Democratic Progressive Party, held a rally in Dajia District tonight. City councilors Wang Liren, Yang Dianzhong, Shi Zhichang and Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan came to the platform to give speeches, and 4 people spoke in unison , Taichung county and city were merged, the county and district were not taken seriously, and the mayor of the county and district has never been created. This time, I finally have the opportunity to call for the great unity of the sea line and support Cai Qichang. , Taichung made great progress.

City Councilor Wang Liren said that after the merger of counties and cities for 12 years, the construction of the sea line has been neglected, just like a second-class citizen.

This time, I finally have a chance to fight the mayor of Taichung City, and I ask the great unity of the sea line to send Cai Qichang to the city government.

In the face of a mayor who is lazy and does not do anything, but is very good at being a person, to break this illusion, Taichung must have hope, let Cai Qichang be the mayor, Taichung will develop greatly, and the sea line will make great progress.

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Congressman Yang Dian-chung said that after the merger of the county and city, Taichung County has never had a mayor, nor has a mayor in Jia'anpu. This is the best opportunity. We must seize it and let Cai Qichang be the mayor of our Taichung City, because Cai Qichang is an activist. mayor.

Yang Dianzhong said that he tried to get nutritious lunches free for elementary and middle school students for three years. Only Cai Qichang adopted it as his political opinion, which would save young parents 10,000 yuan each year. As a result, the director of Taichung City Education said that he had to go back and calculate how much budget he would need, and he did not find any whereabouts for a month. , but the MRT blue line was changed randomly, and the funding increased by more than 30 billion yuan, which can provide students with free nutritious lunch for ten years, so the mayor has to be replaced.

Yang Dianzhong also criticized Lu Xiuyan's slow administrative efficiency. The double-track elevated railway on the sea line has not yet been promoted, which has caused inconvenience in the transportation of the sea line. Therefore, the mayor has to replace Cai Qichang.

Senator Shi Zhichang pointed out that the population of Jia’anpu has been lost in the past four years, and Da’an Mazu Park is still waiting for the statue. Lu Xiuyan said that the Yamanote Line (Railway Mountain-Sea Ring Line) would not be done when he took office 4 years ago, and the railway will be double-tracked. , This time Taichung City Haixian finally had the opportunity to have Cai Qichang running for mayor, and called on everyone to unite, change the Haixian together, and be the master.

When Cai Qichang is the mayor, the old-age love card can be expanded and used, so that the elders of Haixian can see and use it.

Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan said that after the merger of Taichung counties and cities, Taichung did not have the height to lead Changhua and Nantou as a community of life. He recommended Cai Qichang because he is an activist and has an international outlook. Greater Taichung is very important for the future of Greater Taiwan. At the core, Cai Qichang has experience in carpooling with international cities, and the land in Taichung needs to be sweated to bear rich fruits.

Since the merger of Taichung County and City, there has been no mayor of the original county and district. Cai Qichang grew up and served in the county and district. The central government has President Tsai Ing-wen to help the economy grow.

Taichung has to start from the back stage to the front stage, and Cai Qichang must lead it.

Cai Qichang criticized Lu Xiuyan for not taking the sea line seriously, not doing it seriously in the past 4 years, blocking the middle-fire gas, and reluctant to do it by elevating the sea line railway. Today, I invite Executive President Su Zhenchang and Vice President Lai Qingde to the platform, not only to help. If he is elected, he needs their endorsement. After he is elected, he can carry out various major constructions. He emphasized that if Haixian's children are elected mayor, more possibilities and opportunities can be created on behalf of Taichung.

City Councilor Wang Liren said that after the merger of counties and cities for 12 years, the construction of the sea line has been neglected, just like a second-class citizen.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)