The Tucheng Community Development Association of Waipu District organized a thousand-person walk and the red dragon fruit industry marketing promotion activities. Cai Qichang, vice president of the Legislative Yuan, attended the lottery draw to select the lucky ones.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung report] The Tucheng Community Development Association of Waipu District, Taichung City held a thousand-person walking and red dragon fruit industry marketing promotion activities today. Cai Qichang, vice president of the Legislative Yuan and candidate for the mayoral election of the DPP Taichung, was present to ask for the support of the villagers. He said that since assisting in the completion of the construction of the Waipu Ciyao Green Corridor, he has held hiking activities almost every year, hoping to encourage everyone to walk more and exercise more healthily. The mountain-sea ring line of the railway allows Waipu District to have MRT, making the traffic more convenient.

Cai Qichang said that it is of great significance to hold hiking activities every year. It is necessary to let everyone walk and exercise more. He also thanked the Tucheng community and the Water Conservation Bureau and other units for their cooperation. Not only do people go for hiking activities, but they also need to walk often, because walking more and exercising more is good for health.

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He also expressed his gratitude for everyone's support for Cai Qichang, "I have been a legislator since I was 35 years old, and I am 53 years old this year. The Legislative Council has been elected for 5 terms, and the votes are getting higher and higher, and this term is already a male legislator in Taiwan. First place in the vote."

"Everyone chooses me very smart. Every time they choose me, they are sure that I work hard and can solve problems." "In the past, people chose me as a legislator, and they had to fight for it." This election for mayor is different. If you have a vision, you can plan Waipu well. The legislator is the representative of public opinion, the mayor is the administrator, and has a deep relationship with everyone.

Cai Qichang said that if I become the mayor, the first point must be to allow Waipu to have a MRT, that is, from Houli, Waipu, and Dajia to the related industrial areas, connecting the railways of the Shanhai Line, it will be more convenient for everyone in the future. , approved in 4 years.

During his legislature, he strived to take care of the elderly. The central government's long-term care budget increased from 5 billion to 60 billion. If he is the mayor, the local government will also support him. Not only will the elderly health insurance continue to be subsidized, but it will only increase; Use, let the elders use it better and love it more.

In addition, nutritious lunches for primary and secondary schools are free, and 8,000 social housing units are available for 4 years, reducing the burden on young people and the disadvantaged.

Cai Qichang said that Taichung City has not yet had a mayor along the coast. "Grow your own plants, and you can win others." He asked the villagers in Waipu to have a lot of power. In this election, he elected his own mayor. In particular, nutritious lunch is free, and priority is given to local procurement, first to buy agricultural products from Waipu or Taichung City, and to take care of farmers. Good policies must be promoted, please support.

The Tucheng Community Development Association of Waipu District held a thousand-person hike and the red dragon fruit industry marketing promotion activities. Cai Qichang, the vice president of the Legislative Yuan, selected the fan mama and was awarded the high-end bicycle. He was very happy.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)

After Cai Qichang promised to be elected mayor, the first thing to do is to determine the railway mountain-sea ring line within four years, so that Waipu District will have MRT and the transportation will be more convenient.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)