In the afternoon, the voting of voters with Bulgarian citizenship was activated in a total of 166 sections in Turkey, BTA reported.

"There are no long queues in front of the sections, but where voting is done with paper ballots, it goes slower and more people accumulate," said the chairman of the Association for Friendship and Cooperation of the Balkan Turks in Avcalar Efraim Kamberoglu.

According to him, about 800 people have voted in the sections in Avjalar and about 400 in the sections in Firyuzkoy.

In the two sections in the Kartal district on the Asian side of Istanbul, more than 330 people have voted so far, but the number is expected to increase by the end of the election day.

Yalova reported a high voter turnout, about 1,100 people have voted in the four sections so far.

According to Lütfi Özgyur from the expatriate association, observers of parties with irregular documents in Yalova complained about violations of the electoral code, which, according to him, were unfounded.

"Their claims are absolutely baseless.

On the contrary, members of the sectional commissions were late this morning and thus additional tension was created, the sections were opened later than the time set by the Central Electoral Commission, for which we referred those responsible," he said.

According to information from unofficial sources in Bursa, voting is going slower.

40 sections have been discovered in the area, the most after the metropolis of Istanbul.

It was reported from Edirne that for the first time in the sections in the city and in Keshan voting was done by machines.

"This is news for us.

We manage to do it because there are visual materials illustrating how voting is done, it's not complicated," said Osman Baltaj, a voter.

The ELBARDER Association in the city of Eskişehir signaled that a person who does not know the Bulgarian language and is not familiar with the election process was appointed as the deputy chairman of one of the three sections in the city.

According to the chairman of ELBARDER, Neziha Bilen, they have sent an objection to the CEC, but at the moment the situation has remained unchanged.

The Turkish newspaper "Milliet" published an article in connection with the vote in Bulgaria, entitled "Bulgarian people vote in parliamentary elections".

The publication notes that voters in Bulgaria will vote for the fourth time in the last 18 months in an environment of political instability and economic difficulties.

The election day in Turkey has started, there is a record number of sections in the country