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The BSP will comment on the vote when announcing the final results of the early parliamentary elections, the party's press center informed

No press conference is expected tonight.

According to the first results of the exit poll of the four sociological agencies registered in the CEC, "BSP for Bulgaria" is the fourth political force with a small lead over PP "Vazrazhdane".

The left gets about 10-11% of the vote.

GERB-SDS wins the parliamentary elections

Earlier today, BSP leader Cornelia Ninova said that she voted for a stable government, which from tomorrow will open a powerful socio-economic shield against the crisis.

I expect BSP to be in the next administration, Ninova commented.

Without a strong social party in these difficult times, it will not be easy, she pointed out.

Ninova stated that they cannot form a majority with GERB and DPS. 

The BSP leader said they are ready with ten measures for the first 100 days to curb inflation and raise incomes.

Among them, Ninova pointed to a price ceiling, redistribution of excess profits from energy companies to households and companies, raising wages, the minimum wage, recalculating pensions, increasing widow's allowances, free textbooks and medicine for children, exemption for young people under 26 from taxes for their first job.


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