The port is an important settlement on the front.

Its control allows it to use the main road through northern Donetsk, where the Russian army is trying to establish a new defensive line.

The loss of the city also dealt a political blow, with supporters of the war becoming more critical of the military leadership and high-ranking officials.

APA reports that representatives of British intelligence shared these conclusions in the latest report on the war in Ukraine.

"On October 1, 2022, Russian forces in the city of Liman, Donetsk region retreated in the face of an attack by Ukraine.

The port was probably defended by a small number of units of the Western and Central Military Districts of Russia, as well as voluntarily mobilized reserve contingents.

"The forces suffered heavy losses while retreating through the only route out of the Russian-held city," British intelligence said.

The report noted that the port is operationally important as it provides control over a key road crossing over northern Donetsk.

The Russian army is trying to strengthen behind the river and build a new line of defense.

And the Armed Forces of Ukraine will now be able to transfer equipment and resources to the right bank.

"Russia's withdrawal from Port is also a significant political setback, as it is located in the Donetsk region, which Russia allegedly wants to "liberate" and is trying to illegally annex. The withdrawal of troops has sparked a new wave of public criticism of Russia's military leadership by high-ranking officials" - experts added.

British intelligence believes this trend will increase:

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to temporarily liberate the occupied territories, and the army command will be increasingly blamed for the defeats."