On October 23, 2022, there is a Kathin Samakkhi Monastery at Ban Dan-Ta Thai Cemetery, Krasang District, Buriram Province, donating funds to adjust the area to build religious objects on a new piece of land that will be used to build a temple.

Those who are unable to travel

Invite you to make merit at Krung Thai Bank account

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The chairman of Kathin is Khun Boonthankunngern and Khun Amnuay Checkmaka.

September 30, 2022 An annexation ceremony takes place in the four Ukrainian regions where landowners voted to join the Russian Federation: Zaporizhia, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk after a people's referendum. Then the leaders of the four regions gathered in Moscow on September 29, 2022 and urged the Russian government to urgently annex its territory with Russia.

People's views are divided into 3 groups: 1. The first are pro-US and western. They are against the consolidation of Russian territory.

2. Those who are pro-Russian and have seen the suffering of the people of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, most of whom are ethnically Russians who have been invaded by neo-Nazis for almost 10 years, they agree. This integration with Russia

They believe that integration with Russia will help stop the killing of people in both regions. The Russian government has long pleaded with the Ukrainian government to help resolve the killing of Ukrainian citizens of Russian nationality.

But day by day it became more and more intense.

Especially in the era when Zelensky was the leader.

and the rapid growth of neo-Nazi forces.

3. The third is indifferent to history and current affairs.

May not be aware of the fighting and killings in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of the past 10 years, not paying attention to wars and loss of lives.

But with the economic impact, he wanted the war to end quickly.

All the conflicts in this world come from looking at an event differently.

The United States and the West think people from all four regions are wrong.

Russia, on the other hand, sees it as its duty to protect the lives of its people.

which during the separation of the country in 1991 was the era of former President Yeltsin

The separation of the country was made casually.

Different opinions lead to further conflict.

According to the author's opinion

When the people of all four regions have joined Russia.

The neo-Nazis are no longer killing Russians in Ukraine as they did in the past.

The Russo-Ukraine war should be stopped.

Listen to the opinions of both Russians and Ukrainians.

Many Ukrainians, who own small plots of land, have fled abroad.

They sold the land to a western company for a very cheap price.

Those who fought fought against each other.

Law firms and brokers got rich by collecting land to sell to the West.

The team used to drive the Ukrainian patrol with Teacher Nitiphoom Thanat.


found that the land of Ukraine is complete with nutrients

I entrusted the team to help edit the video clips of us driving around the provinces in Ukraine.

especially along the farm

We saw majestic produce like we'd never seen before, like a pumpkin so big that no one on the crew could carry.

When these clips are finished cutting

It will be posted on the Line Voom page of Line ID @ntp59. Another thing that we would like to cut the clip to see is the schools and universities in Ukraine that Professor Nitiphoom Thanat and his team visited 5 years ago. Previously, before the class there were pictures of alumni, teachers and current students who died in battle in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The Russians and the Ukrainians are Slavic as well.

use language that is understandable

have a common history

Many of the Russian civil servants I spoke to today had Ukrainian ancestors.

They say the United States and the West should stop being such a bully.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai