Well, it seems that

Alina Gros

got better, and she got in touch with her fans.

On her Instagram page, the artist posted her fresh photos taken during a recent photo shoot.

In the shots, Alina poses in a blue combination - a top with long sleeves and a skirt.

The actress smiles and playfully looks at the camera.

Grosa accompanied these photos with a text from her

last composition "Meadow"

, in which the singer raised such an important topic of today - adoption of children.

Alina Grosu / Photo: instagram.com/alina_grosu

In turn, the fans noted that they are happy to see their little girl healthy and smiling: "How charming and real you are", "we missed you a lot", "how good that you are all right", "what a beauty".

Alina Grosu / Photo: instagram.com/alina_grosu

We will remind that at the end of August, Alina Grosu

complained about health problems


The artist was so sick for two weeks that she even went to the hospital.

Alina got in touch with fans after anesthesia.

The singer reassured her fans that there is no need to worry about her and that she is gradually recovering.

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