NATO has sent warning notes to all member states of the Alliance regarding the nuclear submarine "K-329 Belgorod", which was found to be in motion.

The submarine is carrying Poseidon nuclear torpedoes, known as the "Weapon of the Apocalypse,"

20minutos reported

, citing Italian daily La Repubblica.

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The new submarine was commissioned in July and is currently in Arctic waters following the Nord Stream gas leak.

The fears in NATO are related to a possible test of the Poseidon torpedo, capable of traveling up to 10,000 km and detonating near the coast, causing a huge radioactive tsunami.

The largest submarine in the world entered service in Russia, its "Poseidon" torpedoes worry experts

The nuclear torpedo was first presented to the community in 2018 as a pretext for Russia to consolidate its military might, although many analysts believe the same effect could be achieved with an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The United States has activated its network of satellites to track the possible course of the torpedo, but due to the fact that it is underwater, the task is made many times more complicated, the Italian publication also noted.

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