Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

Came out to open up after leading the team to always open home Brighton in the English Premier League last match

On October 2, 65, the movement after the "Reds" Liverpool opened Anfield stadium to draw 3-3 with "Seagulls" Brighton in the English Premier League on Saturday.

It now has 10 points, is ranked ninth in the table after the game, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Considering that the team loses the goal quickly

And the defensive game is not good enough.

Make the team only one point from this game.

Klopp said: “This game is a different story.

There's a story of conceding two goals quickly.

There is a story that we can return in the game.

Then there was the story that we threw it away. Brighton are a very good team.

It's a different map.

We're a little surprised, right?

Yes, but we were already 2-0 down when we adapted to that.

We scored from the counter-attack, we should have won, but did we really deserve to win?

I'm not sure because Brighton deserve something.

It certainly wasn't enough for us.

But it's what we get.”

"We should have defended a lot better, it's football and you have to accept it.

on a day like this

when it started like this

It is important to fight to survive.

It would be nice if you win.

We always had problems against Brighton.

which is a very good team

But we have to do better.

I know we have 10 points and that's the truth.

I did not hide

We have to work together to build a new one.”