Georgian language teacher Rahman Musayev, who punished the 4th grade students by making them kneel down in the Girikhli village school of Marneuli, was dismissed from his job.

APA's Georgia office reports that Mehman Musayev, the director of the school, said this in a statement to the local media.

He said that there is a problem with the health of his nephew Rahman Musayev, that's why he wrote an application to quit work today, and the application was accepted.

The director noted that the incident is being investigated and that he has contacted the children's parents.

"They said that their children do not talk about this at home," said Mehman Musayev.



In Georgia, the teacher's method of punishing students in the public school of the village of Marneuli, Marneuli municipality, where Azerbaijanis live compactly, caused public dissatisfaction.

The local office of APA reports with reference to the "" portal that the teacher teaching Georgian language in the village school punished the 4th graders who came to the lesson unprepared by making them kneel and took their photos and shared them.

The method of punishing the teacher caused dissatisfaction of social activists and they demanded an investigation of the fact.

The truth of the fact has been confirmed by the Marneuli Resource Center (educational department).