This week, the Ukrainian flag will fly in many parts of Donbas.

APA reports that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in his video address at the end of the 220th day of the war.

According to him, this movement will continue until Ukraine gets everything.

According to him, today the world has mostly joined the condemnation of Russia's attempt to annex our territories.

"As a result, we have dozens of statements that openly support Ukraine and international law and condemn Russia for this next aggressive step," Zelensky said, noting the statement of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres separately:

"He directly said that Russia's "referendums" and annexation attempts, which violate the goals and principles and charter of the UN, will not have any legal consequences."

According to Zelensky, when such words are heard at the highest level in the UN, everyone in the world understands everything.

And Russia cannot stop this understanding of the world.

Zelensky said that he is sure that in the end Russia will lose the fight against the international community.