New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi is assisting in the election of New Taipei City Councillor candidate Wu Xunxiao.

(Photo by reporter Zhou Xiangyun)

[Reporter Zhou Xiangyun/New Taipei Report] New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi started the holiday supplementary election mode today, and went to Sanchong to attend the inaugural meeting of the New Taipei City Councilor candidate Wu Xunxiao's joint campaign headquarters. He said in his speech that he has only one belief in the election, which is to always fight for the right thing. Create a land where young people can come back and develop. As for those who tear people's feelings, don't vote for him.

Hou Youyi pointed out that in the past few days, his wife went to the office for him to receive the old-age card. He only had one thought in his heart, that this generation was about to end, and it was the turn of the next generation of young people to come out and work hard.

At the age of 19, he came to Taipei alone from the south. After completing his studies in the police academy, he served in Taipei City. He was very grateful to have the means to grow up in this land.

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Hou Youyi said that there is only one thing in life that is always right. When he was elected mayor 4 years ago, he brought his daughters back from abroad and told them, "I work hard so that you can come back to Taiwan for deep cultivation, and you need to love Taiwan. Come back and fight", hoping to enable the next generation of young people to develop in Taiwan.

Hou Youyi pointed out that he thanked Wu Xunxiao for helping him in the election and expressing his correct ideas on the Internet, forums, and media. After he was elected, he asked Wu Xunxiao to come to the triple service, and Wu Xunxiao followed the field chief to give him advice on the triple construction.

Hou Youyi also thanked Cai Mingtang, a New Taipei City Councilor from the Kuomintang who dropped out of the election, for his support and for showing solidarity.