Military expert Oleg Zhdanov reported that convoys of military equipment are traveling from Kazakhstan to Russia.

Perhaps it is Chinese weapons that are moving through Kazakhstan.

Zhdanov told about this on his YouTube channel.

According to the expert, the Russian dictator Vololymir Putin could discuss the issue of the supply of military equipment with the Chinese leader during the Shanghai summit.

"Because there

is a lot of Soviet equipment in China, which was delivered there

(to Kazakhstan - ed.)

. Until 2017, their army had a lot of such equipment in service.

And Kazakhstan is a satellite and sphere of influence of China

. It is quite possible that at the Shanghai summit "Putin could have discussed this military-technical issue with Xi Jinping. Either China sends military aid to Russia through Kazakhstan, or Kazakhstan gives equipment to the Russian Federation from its old Soviet stockpiles," the expert noted.

It is worth noting that Kazakhstan declared the country's neutrality in the war in Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia on the night of February 24.

Meanwhile, the Kazakhs openly declare that they do not support Putin's invasion of Ukraine. 

It will be recalled that summonses were served on the border with Kazakhstan to Russians fleeing mobilization.

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