It should be noted that

Tina Karol has been working with Ukrainian sound producer

Arkady Oleksandrov

for more than a year.

It was with him that Karol

created her album "Krasivo"

, and it was with him that she released the English-language record "Scandal".

The artist told about this on her Instagram, tagging Oleksandrov in the post.

However, fans were outraged by the fact that in the header of the sound producer's profile it is indicated that he cooperates with Russian Putinist artists Anna Sedokova, Zivert, Dima Bilan.

Arkady Oleksandrov / Photo:

Karol reacted to the criticism.

The singer noted that Oleksandrov strongly condemns the war in Ukraine and speaks openly about his position:

"Tina Karol's English-language album "Scandal" includes songs written in 2020−2021. The author of the songs is Tina Karol in co-authorship with Arkady Oleksandrov, who was criticized today. Let us emphasize that Oleksandrov has repeatedly emphasized to Tina his steadfast position regarding war in Ukraine, directly condemning Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine and has not visited the aggressor country since 1999. Yana Majoronikova worked on the adaptation of the text of the English-language album Scandal, because since the beginning of the war, Tina Karol has not performed Russian-language songs, no matter how big hits they were ", Karol commented in the press service, Novoe Vremya writes.

 By the way, later Tina Karol removed the mark with Arkady Oleksandrov from her post.

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