The president of The Jamestown Foundation, Glen Howard, predicted how the future situation on the front might develop.

He believes that

if the Armed Forces liberate Kherson, it "will be the third turning point in the war."

This is the opinion of Glenn Howard, president of the analytical center, in an interview with 

Channel 24.

"If the Ukrainians can move their line of defense beyond the Oskil River, as well as

liberate territories in the Luhansk region, this will form a new line of defense before the beginning of winter.

This will lay the foundation for further successes and even an exit to Mariupol. What will happen in the next few years is very important weeks near Kherson.

If the Ukrainians liberate Kherson, it will be the third turning point of this war. The

Armed Forces will reach the line of the Dnipro River and will be able to prepare an offensive on Chongar, cut off the water supply to Crimea," he noted.

A military expert believes that the de-occupation of Kherson and Novaya Kakhovka will be a powerful blow to the Russian "Fuhrer" Putin.

"I expect this over the course of the next month. Then winter will begin - and the war will slow down. Ukraine will continue to rearm its army, and the Russians will continue to mobilize. Next spring, the Russians will find themselves in a much weaker position than they were before," the American added.

We will remind, 

"mobs" from the Russian Federation ran in different directions after the first automatic queue in Liman.

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