A teacher of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth University in Varanasi was removed from his post and barred from entering the university for his alleged remarks about the Hindu goddess on social media.

Dr Mithilesh Kumar Gautam, Guest Lecturer in the Department of Political Science had made a controversial post on Facebook, in which some objectionable remarks were made about the Hindu Goddess, which the students complained about.

After this, the university administration not only removed him from the post of guest teacher by issuing a notice, but also banned him from entering the university campus.

Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Gautam comes from the Dalit community, so the matter deepened a bit.

It is said that the Facebook post was of another person, on which Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Gautam had forwarded it while writing his comment.

Jai Bhim Jai Constitution is also written on that Facebook page.

Taking a photocopy of this Facebook page of Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Gautam, students lodged a complaint that they cannot write such objectionable posts against our Hindu deities, after which the university administration took a tough stand.

University registrar Dr Sunita Pandey told NDTV that the remarks she has made are objectionable, no person has the freedom to make such remarks about one's religion.

Also, the manner in which it has been said for any woman was not proper and a teacher should avoid such things.

Even before this, Doctor Mithilesh Kumar Gautam has been in discussion with many controversial statements, he has also complained and the Vice Chancellor had given him instructions for that.

His head of the department had also instructed him, despite this, he has been surrounded by such statements.

Therefore, he was removed from the post of guest teacher.

The registrar of the university told that as far as admission in the university campus is concerned, the atmosphere of the university should not be spoiled, because the students were very angry and could harm Dr. Currently blocked to enter the university.

On his behalf, some students have spoken to the Vice-Chancellor to hear their side, so the Vice-Chancellor has assured that they will also be heard.

For this a committee has been formed and that committee will take a final decision after hearing and understanding the facts of both the sides.