For example, the Russian artist

Ivan Petunin

, also known as the rapper


, opposed the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the very beginning of the full-scale war.

He experienced the events of the last seven months very painfully, and when Russian President Putin announced partial mobilization, Petunin decided to shorten his life as a sign of protest.

The 27-year-old rapper recorded a video message before his death.

In it, he emphasized that he was not ready to kill for any ideals.

Ivan admitted that he would not pick up a machine gun and go kill.

At the same time, Petunin added that he had a reprieve from mobilization because he was in a psychoneurological dispensary.

However, the rapper said, he is sure that the partial mobilization will eventually turn into a full one.

Rapper Walkie / Photo:

Rapper Walkie / Photo:

"If you are watching this video, it means that I am no longer alive. My friend Roma himself said: "To be strong in spirit means that you have a soul." And I cannot and will not take the sin of murder on my soul want to. I'm not ready to kill for any ideals. For me, killing a person in war or just like that is something I can't do. I don't have the right to pick up a machine gun and shoot people. Yes, I have a reprieve from mobilization due to the fact that he was in PND, but it seems to me that in the coming days, partial mobilization will turn into full mobilization. I have two hands, two legs, an index finger to pull the trigger, and they will give me a machine gun," he said artist.

The rapper's girlfriend noted that he jumped out of the window of a high-rise building in Krasnodar, where they rented an apartment.

In 2016, Walkie recorded a track together with Ukrainian rapper Artem Loik.

In the video before his death, Petunin advises to listen to this song, in which he expressed his protest even then.

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