"Big Tu" survived the Democratic Party. Busy, porter "Big Pom" opted that "Prime Minister Tu" could only go on for two years. "Weerakorn" revealed that the party will nominate 3 candidates, not "Prayut" alone. Push "Uncle Pom" on the last bus to win the prime minister's chair, kicking "Big Tu" to sit in the Deputy Prime Minister or Minister of Defense or SUT 1 "Rong", dropping out of the snare for 8 years to add confidence to the government

CCP strikes against fines

The Cabinet is not in a hurry

Relieve suffering, villagers are more important than "Phuea Thai", beep "Uncle Tu", stay longer, help Land slide "Prasert", PNP won't be sent to sit as prime minister again, "a step forward", ridicule "Prayut", survived the Democratic Party. Fall down "Padipat" believes that the dissolution of the parliament waiting to welcome the MPs into the stall The opposition plans to use the 152nd section to open the House of Representatives to reinforce the wounds for 8 years, 15 student organizations make a statement against the illegal Prime Minister

People's mob network awakens the coalition to dismantle the Prayut regime with parasitic friends.

After the Constitutional Court ruled that the Prime Minister's minister

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha has not ended and can still hold office for more than 2 years. Recently, there has been a problem within the Palang Pracharat Party (PPC) in considering a list of candidates to vote for the Prime Minister's chair in the House of Representatives. the

After the 2023 election

Democratic Party Chochong 3 candidates for Prime Minister

On October 1, Mr. Weerakorn Khamprako, the Nakhon Sawan MP, discussed the guidelines for nominating the candidate for the prime minister of the Palang Pracharat Party in the next election.

After the Constitutional Court ruled that the counting of terms as Prime Minister of

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha is up to 2025 that the nomination of the party's candidate prime minister

The NRC in the next election believes that all three candidates will be nominated, not just one, but will nominate both.

General Prayut, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Democratic Party.

Another person is considering it because both Gen. Prayut

Gen Prawit is liked by many people.

Must pull individual popular votes to help vote for the party, despite saying that Gen. Prayut has a lot of people who don't like it.

But there are quite a lot of regular fans.

campaign part

If the villagers asked who to nominate as Prime Minister

I will say that it is in the 3 people who have been nominated.

The last round of Pheu Thai Party nominated 3 people. No one asked who would be prime minister.

Push "Uncle Pom" to the top of the Prime Minister's seat.

Mr Weerakorn said, however, when it came to nominating the prime minister

In order to vote in the House of Representatives, Gen. Prawit must nominate, because Gen. Prayut can be Prime Minister for only 2 years, may have Gen Prayut be the deputy prime minister or the defense minister to confirm the next three year elections. . We still go together because Gen. Prayut can't play politics.

Politicians are

General Prawit alone, while Gen. Prayut is in the administration.

Not playing politics, not communicating with MPs, not giving speeches.

The Ruam Thai Build a Chart Party, who thought Gen. Prayut would be there, would be frustration.

Gen. Prayut certainly didn't come and sink his head.

Because being Prime Minister, you only have 2 more years, how can you come to uphold Gen. Prayut?

Kick "Uncle Tu" to the Deputy Prime Minister-Khor.

“Next time is the last bus that will have.

senator to help support

Therefore, Uncle Pom has to be the prime minister.

As for Uncle Tu, he can become the Deputy Prime Minister or the Minister of Defense or as the Minister of the Interior.

Even though Uncle Tu was the prime minister before, it doesn't matter if he comes to be the deputy prime minister because the three brothers are close to each other.

Look at the country as a main priority," said Mr. Weerakorn.

Confident that MPs will not leave the camp to attack from the Democratic Party.

The reporter asked if Gen. Prayut was Prime Minister for another two years, would there be more MPs joining the Pracharat Party?

Mr. Weerakorn replied that

Confident that Palang Pracharath Party still has a high chance of being the leader of the next government because there are 250 senators supporting the vote.

Therefore, there is an attraction to

The MPs will continue to stay with the Pracharat Party. As for the cabinet adjustments, if it's really not necessary, no one will adjust them because those who don't get it will be dissatisfied.

Fortunately, most of the Pracharat Party is young people.

The fangs are not yet able to force and pressure each other.

"Chaiyawut" encourages "Prayut" with a big heart

While Mr. Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society

as deputy party leader

The Democratic Party posted a message on Facebook after the Constitutional Court ruled that Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense's term of office was not yet completed for 8 years, saying that throughout the term working time with

General Prayut

believe that the Prime Minister

have a big heart

may not be sweet

be straight forward

But one thing that can be felt

is sincerity and determination

That is the great power of faith to do for the land.

Minister's mother dances on the City Pillar Shrine

At 8:00 a.m., Mrs. Pornanee Thanakmanusorn, mother of Mr. Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society

With friends dressed in beautiful colorful costumes, they danced around the City Pillar Shrine, Sing Buri Province, 9 times, shouting "Cheers, Uncle Tu stays on" because previously he had been on the court asking the Prime Minister to go on.

"Rong" Kok fines the cabinet not urgently

Mr. Rong Boonsuekwan, Member of Parliament for Nakhon Si Thammarat

The executive committee of the Democratic Party said that the nomination of the prime minister's candidate list in the party's list has not yet reached that stage.

The party hasn't had a meeting yet.

The party leader and executive committee must talk to each other.

comprehensive analysis

There is still time to ponder.

But from the Constitutional Court's decision

It has created more confidence in the people about the work of the government and the Democratic Party. As for whether there will be any adjustments to the cabinet or not, it is a matter of the executives and executive committees of the party.

But it's not an issue right now.

There is still a problem of flooding

that the government must urgently fix it before it is a bigger issue

The safety of the people from nature and the problems of the people's stomach must come first.

Until leaving the responsibility for the suffering of the people who are bigger

Pol.Dr. Yim "Uncle Tu" stays at Yao Ying Land Slide

Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, MP Nan, leader of the Pheu Thai Party

gave an interview in the case of the Constitutional Court ruling that Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense had not ended in accordance with the 2017 Constitution, that it was very good, very good for the Pheu Thai Party.

Because of what we have received response from the people about the land slide increasing all the time.

One of the main outcomes is the crisis that

Gen. Prayut created

from the administration of the state

Gen. Prayut and the body that cause the people to face many crises

stay of

Gen. Prayut keeps this condition alive.

Helpful in the election campaign

This gives the Pheu Thai Party a chance to get more land slides.


to use it according to the crushing effect of "du" for a long time

Dr Chonnan said that

The opposition will file a debate under section 152 at the next session of the House of Representatives.

We are discussing what issues to submit inquiries and suggestions.

As for the 8-year term of the Constitutional Court, we will ask questions or suggest issues as a result of having served as prime minister for more than 8 years, whether there are any problems or facts that have arisen.

and causing some damage to the people and the nation, such as in the event of resistance

There was unrest in the country.

After the ruling, people were arrested and detained.

violation of civil liberties

It will be a fact that is a consequence of the ruling.

must ask for facts and suggest solutions to problems in the Council, etc.

Oh, I have to choose the area to change the country.

Prasert Chantaruangthong, Pheu Thai Party secretary, said that the stay of

General Prayut

Make the chances of land slides of the Pheu Thai party have more

because of the past

Gen. Prayut does not have a job that appeals to the public.

What it says will reform the whole country

make the Thai people disappear

Solving conflicts can't really happen in the 8 years that the country has been in administration. Therefore, to stay even more desperate people have to turn to choose for Thailand to make changes.

because the current capability

Thailand's competitiveness on the world stage has dropped dramatically.

People therefore need new policies.

New executives to drive the country

Pheu Thai Party is the answer.

P.P.R.C. will not make a name for the prime minister again.

When asked if Gen. Prayut was prime minister for another two years, he assessed whether the Palang Pracharat Party (PPC) would nominate as the prime minister's candidate or not.

Mr. Prasert said that the House of Representatives has a term of 4 years, but Gen. Prayut is prime minister for only two more years, according to the court's ruling that counts his tenure as prime minister since the constitution was promulgated in 60, so he believes that the party

PRC may not submit names.

Gen. Prayut is a candidate.

Because how to campaign for people to be prime minister for only 2 years, may nominate Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, party leader, to be the prime minister's candidate, and while Gen. Prawit, acting for the prime minister, looks active

You will be satisfied with this function.

would not allow his own party

Nominate other people to compete as well.

"Going far", mocking "Big Tu", who survived the National Democratic Party. Fall

Mr. Nattapong Ruangpanyawut

Bangkok's MPs, the Progressive Party (Kor Kor) gave an interview about the ruling of the Constitutional Court that

Ignore the facts already

I see that

Gen. Prayut has been prime minister since 2014. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) once said that Gen. Prayut has served continuously.

No need to file a property account

Contrary to the decision of the Constitutional Court to count the terms since 2017, in fact, there is more damage to the Democratic Party than the year 68, General Prayut completes his term.

including currents within the party

It is highly possible that

Gen. Prayut may not be a candidate for prime minister of the party.

NACC in the next round of elections

to dissolve parliament and wait for MPs to enter the stall

Padiphat Santipada, a member of the Phitsanulok Party, said the ruling of the Constitutional Court did not exceed expectations.

The minimum dissolution of parliament is likely to occur after the APEC meeting.

depending on the conditions of the coalition government

such as Democrat (PDP) and Pride Thai (PUP) but think that Gen. Prayut will never dissolve the parliament because it will take the remaining 6 months to move forward to build a political advantage.

The budget will be released at the end of the year.

Appointed to move during Oct. to hold the government's forces ready for the most elections.

while the opposition can't do anything

Because it is under the 180-day framework of the Election Commission (EC).

General Prayut

After APEC, there is still no way to dissolve parliament.

because the camp has to be moved

MPs leave the old party 90 days in advance to join the new party

There must have been a lot of eating together.

Now both the coalition and opposition parties

Send a signal to move the party.

Aim to break out of the 152 debate over the battle.

Mr. Phicharn Chaophatanawong, the member of the list of MPs

Deputy Leader of the Progressive Party

and the chairman of the party whip

gave an interview that

The opposition coalition to submit a request for a general debate without a vote.

According to the Constitution, Article 152 has preliminarily discussed whether to prepare beforehand.

We use constitutional mechanisms according to the situation.

country problems

and political stability

To bring the suffering of the people to discuss in the council

but has not coordinated the government whip

But you should already know that there will be a discussion in the next meeting.

Only when will it happen?

Awakening the draft of a new constitution, proceeding to reset the PTT.

“This is not a game of politics.

rather, it is a mechanism by which the opposition coalition is investigating.

and make recommendations to the government

If you look at it objectively, it will even be beneficial to bring people's problems to be reflected in the House of Representatives.

The most important and unresolved thing from the previous session was the motion of the party.

The SEC asked for a resolution for the administration to hold a referendum

to ask the people whether to amend the entire constitution

by members of the Constituent Assembly (Sor.) or not. Another channel that the party

The Kor Kor. is campaigning, which is the Reset Thailand campaign.

Through hunting 50,000 names of people to request a constitutional amendment,” said Mr. Phichan.

"Uttama" Ding, do not seek power

Mr. Uttama Savanayana, leader of the Future Thai Party (AOT) posted a message on Facebook that

No matter how many years from now

In the end, the power will be back in the hands of the people to decide the future again.

It is important that today the government must not neglect its duty to care for the people.

can truly determine the direction of the country's administration, not seek or surrender to the conditions of the political power structure

In the end, the people are the ones who bear the burden of what happened.

Today the country is full of problems that need to be solved urgently.

Both the rice is scarce, the hard-earned people, the burden of heavy debts

And the future of the country's economy still faces many risky challenges.

If we do not rush to determine the right direction of the country.

and drive the policy to be realistic

Who can dare to say that

Thai people have hope

and a bright future lies ahead.

Police chief urges mob to rally in frame

At the Royal Thai Police (Sq.) Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, the commander-in-chief of the police, spoke about the security work.

Watching the rally after the revocation of the Emergency Decree

When repealing the announcement

The Emergency Decree also applies.

The Public Assembly Act and related laws treat assembly as a fundamental right.

But the police must enforce the law according to their duties.

I don't want a collision.

We have never had a bad attitude towards the protesters.

I want to say that the police are neutral

focus on preserving important places

take care of safety

Emphasis on using force to protect important places.

If they don't invade, we don't use them anymore.

Never thought of using special equipment.

When asked if the protesters on the streets would use a water-spraying vehicle or a Gino, the police chief replied, not to that extent.

The main focus is on preserving important places.

Take care of the assembly

Assessing the news, believes that the rally is in a good frame at this time.

15 student organizations against the prime minister

Section 15 Student Organizations

Has issued a joint statement on the ruling of "Prime Minister Thuan" Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, consisting of the student council president, Thammasat University (TU), the president of the TU Student Organization, the student dormitory committee, TU, the president of the Student Representative Council.

Kasetsart University (KU) Bang Khen, President of the Student Organization, MOK Bang Khen, Sriracha, Sakon Nakhon, Kamphaeng Saen, leader of the Chula Commons Party.

President of the Student Council of Political Science

Chulalongkorn University (Chulalongkorn University) Student Council President Naresuan University (MMU) Student Council President

Songkhla Nakarin University

(PSU) Hat Yai Campus, Pattani President of Student Organization Administration

PSU, Pattani Campus

President of the Student Organization of Silpakorn University (MCU), stated that the Constitutional Court has started counting the prime minister's term from April 6, 2017. It is considered only letters.

Instead, he did not look at the real environment. If Gen. Prayut began to hold office in the year 60, it became that Gen.

Hasn't Prayut been entitled to a salary as prime minister since 2014? Condemn the judiciary, the statement said with 15 student organizations. Condemn the judiciary for trampling the judiciary you respect.

The principles that should be adhered to are distorted.

Even if the next judgment can be reversed

but the judgments that have been proclaimed will remain to be glorified or gossip about

The Constitutional Court should balance the administration with fairness and impartiality and make judgments without a degree of goodness rather than a fair legal principle.

"People" awaken the demolition of the Prayut regime

at 3:30 p.m. at the Victory Monument

Phaya Thai Island

People's Mob Network

Led by Mr. Thatchapong or Boy Kaedum, led the team to set up a small stage.

Organized a rally to show their stance against the Constitutional Court's ruling. Banners were put up with the words "Enough for 8 years of Prayut", "End (being) fair", "Dismantling the Prayut regime".

with fellow parasites" "Prayut regime goes out" among the masses, mostly the old red-shirt alliance regulars.

united to wear black shirts to join the crowd

In the first period, there was a solo performance of Mr. Jatupat Boonpattararaksa or Phai Dao Din.

Folk music performances

led by Mr. Chuwet Dejdisarak, etc., alternating speeches by Mr. Thanaphat Kapheng or Pun Talufa and representatives of various groups

Mr. Thatchapong said

Talufa Group's activities aim to communicate the impact of Gen.

Prayut, who has been in the position of Prime Minister for 8 years, will point out the injustice of the Constitutional Court's ruling.

People's group is void.

No people accepted

Confirm that the procession will not move anywhere and will end the rally at 20.00

There was a violent conflict erupting.

Mr. Thatchapong also said that

Please continue to watch the next movement.

But will be separated into groups of interest. On October 2, Mr. Sombat Boon-ngamonong or Editor Lai Dot scheduled a gathering in a flash mob.

Named Black Sunday #1 at the white wall footpath of the old Scala Cinema.

But worryingly believe that after this, there will be serious conflicts in society.

and there will be some political violence

It's a pity even though originally thought there would be an election soon.

But there are people who fuel this kind of conflict, so people should consider themselves.