After the recent attempt to annex the occupied territories of Ukraine,


did not receive any new trump cards.

The Kremlin will exploit "old" topics.  

Political scientist Yaroslav Bozhko told Channel 24 about this.

In his opinion, the Kremlin still uses mobilization as its own trump card. 

"In a way, for the Russian leadership, this mobilization has not yet begun. They have only just begun to drive people away. Someone got lost, someone ran away. They are not yet using it as a trump card," he said.

However, nuclear blackmail and the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons are currently the main theses of the Kremlin, with which it tries to intimidate Ukraine and the world.

In addition to these two topics, the Kremlin has several other small points of influence.

They can threaten to refuse to supply energy carriers to the West.

Or they will try to disrupt the "grain agreement" by striking Odesa or resuming the naval blockade

, although it is doubtful that they are capable of this now.

"This well explains why Putin recently often talks about the topic of food, that he was fooled by the West. This is also a possible point of influence. And in general, they have no strategically tangible "trump cards" left in our field of vision," he summarized political scientist

We will remind,

analysts said that Putin has two main options for using tactical nuclear weapons.

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