US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin condemned the "rattling of nuclear weapons" by Russia.

However, he said that he sees no signs that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to use nuclear weapons in a war against Ukraine.

The head of the Pentagon said this in an interview with CNN.

"The United States sees no signs that the Russian leadership has made a decision to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine," Austin said.

"There is no verification of Mr. Putin. Just as he made the irresponsible decision to invade Ukraine, he could have made a different decision. But

now I don't see anything that would make me believe

that he made such a decision," the defense minister added. USA.

He also announced that he had privately told the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation  ,

Sergei Shoigu

, that he "should not follow this path and not engage in such irresponsible behavior."  

"You heard how people from our leadership said that we recently spoke with them. I personally did not speak with Shoigu in recent days, but I spoke with him earlier. And I addressed this problem - and

warned not to go down this path

and not to do such a thing irresponsible behavior," said Austin.

We will remind, on September 30, during the attempt to annex the territories of Ukraine, Putin once again hinted at the use of nuclear weapons, mentioning the USA in this context.

After that, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance would react to a nuclear strike by the Russian Federation, and that it was watching this state.  

And US President Joe Biden personally addressed Putin, saying that the United States, together with NATO, will defend every inch of the Alliance.

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