Ukrainian forces are likely to retake or surround the


within the next 72 hours.

This is stated in the analytical report of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

On September 30, Russian forces continued to withdraw from their former Lyman positions, as Ukrainian forces continued to encircle Russian forces in the area, analysts noted.

"Officials" of the so-called "DPR" and Russian military correspondents said that Russian forces were still in control of Liman, but had withdrawn from their positions in Drobyshevo (about 6 km northwest of Liman) and Yampol (about 13 km southeast of Lyman), the report says.

According to analysts, Russian sources claimed that Russian forces still control one road from Liman to Torske, while Ukrainian forces blocked the Drobysheve-Torske road in the Stavok area.

Earlier it became known that the armed forces of Ukraine have probably completed 

the encirclement of Russian troops in the city of Lyman

 in the north of the Donetsk region.

Experts predict that the Ukrainian military will be able to take the city in the near future if the occupiers do not receive reinforcements.

 Analysts believe that the success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Lyman will have serious consequences for the Russian group 

in the north of Donetsk and the west of Luhansk regions and will allow Ukrainian troops to threaten Russian positions in the Severodonetsk and Lysychansk regions.

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