The Ukrainian military, who entered Liman in Donetsk region on October 1, have already begun to restore order in the city.

Yes, they dismantled one of the signs of the Russian occupiers.

This is evidenced by a video published on the network.

For example, the footage shows how one of the soldiers of the Armed Forces approaches the Liman administration building, where the invaders have set up a so-called police department.

A soldier knocks down a sign with the inscription "Krasnolymansk city department" with a stick. 

"The police of Ukraine will be here. Glory to Ukraine!"

- says the defender in the video.

Lyman, de-Russification

— ⚡️Sputnik News ATO (@SputnikATONews) October 1, 2022

We will remind you that on October 1, Ukrainian troops entered Liman in the Donetsk region and unfurled the Ukrainian flag there.  

Information about this was officially confirmed in the Armed Forces.

It was reported there that fighting was going on outside the city.

Considerable problems of the occupiers in Lyman were even recognized by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

They said that the Russian command was forced to withdraw troops to "more advantageous positions".

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