The Ukrainian military has surrounded the Russian group in the Lyman area 

and controls all exit routes from the city. 

The occupiers asked the command to leave the city, but they were refused.

Smarter invaders still try to survive and flee from the city. has collected all the details of what is currently happening in the Lyman direction. 

The Armed Forces confirmed the liberation of five settlements near Liman

Serhii Cherevaty, the spokesman of the Eastern Group of Forces, said that five settlements near Liman have been liberated, and stabilization measures are ongoing there.

We are talking about such settlements as 

Yampil, Novoselivka, Shandrygolovo, Drobyshevo, Stavky. 

 According to him, there are currently "somewhere around 5-5.5 thousand" occupiers in the Ukrainian enclave.

Many of them have already been liquidated by the Armed Forces, so the exact number is currently unknown.

"There, indeed, our data showed that the Russian group (

in the Lyman area - ed.

) numbered around 5-5.5 thousand. However, active hostilities "minus" their combat composition, as well as some groups that tried to break through. That is, establishing the exact number of Russians still requires analysis to name the exact number," Cherevaty said.

The Ukrainian army entered Liman

A video of Ukrainian military personnel installing a flag on the ceiling in Lyman, in Donetsk region, is being published on the Internet.

The corresponding video is distributed in Telegram channels.

As the politician and volunteer Yuriy Mysyagin wrote on his page, the Ukrainian army is confidently advancing deep into the city.

He published footage of how fighters of the National Guard brigade are going deep into the city.

The video also shows destroyed racist equipment. 

There are also videos in the public where the armed forces are already moving around the city.

The footage shows the destroyed equipment of the Russians and the occupiers themselves, who fled from Liman and did not make it.


, the information that Ukrainian defenders are already in Liman, Donetsk region, was officially confirmed.


Cherevaty, the spokesman of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported that there

were battles with the Russian army outside the city. 

"The information and the video you saw with the stele are true. We are already in Liman. But the fighting is going on. The details will come later," Cherevaty said.

The occupiers steal cars from civilians and run away from the city

Social networks are posting a video of how the Ukrainian military "covered" a column of "refugees" from Liman.

The video shows a lot of destroyed vehicles and Russian occupiers who were trying to push back.

According to the reports of the invaders themselves, the column tried to get out of the cauldron in cars.

But something went wrong. 

The Armed Forces will retake the Liman within the next 72 hours - American analysts 

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believe that Ukrainian forces are likely to retake or encircle the 


within the next 72 hours.

According to their data, on September 30, Russian forces continued to withdraw from their positions near Liman, as Ukrainian forces continued to

surround Russian forces in the area.

"Officials" of the so-called "DPR" and Russian military correspondents said that Russian forces were still in control of Liman, but had withdrawn from their positions in Drobyshevo (about 6 km northwest of Liman) and Yampol (about 13 km southeast of Lyman), the report says.

Russian soldiers lament the loss of the city, and propagandists blame the defeat of the command

In Russian telegram channels, military journalists, referring to their sources, write that they have lost Lyman.

The occupiers have left the city, and the Ukrainian army is consolidating its positions.

There are almost no chances for the Russians to regain control of the city. 

"Urgent! The Armed Forces of Ukraine enter and entrench themselves in Krasnoy Liman. Dramatic news from the city. Neo-Nazis are already moving through the central streets of Krasnoy Liman. They are checking documents and are already beginning to terrorize the locals. The information is confirmed from several sources. Liman has been abandoned. The new strongholds of our defense are now Svatov and Kreminna ", - says one of the Russian publications. 

Meanwhile, the famous propagandist Solovyov blames the command of the Russian Armed Forces for the defeat of the Russian group that was in Liman.

But he hopes that Russia will regain control over the Ukrainian city. 

Ukrainian armed forces are included in the Russian city of Chervyn Liman.

To our city.

In our Russian city with you.

Now that's what the news should sound like.

And in Ukraine, the area is not 479 thousand square kilometers, but somewhat larger.

And in Russia it is somewhat less.

Now every loss is a personal loss of the commander-

in-chief .

The demand for his losses was high.

Now it will be absolute," the Kremlin propagandist complains.

The Ukrainian

 military installed the national flag

 at the entry sign in Lyman, Donetsk region.

The video appeared on the Internet.

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