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Which asked more than 8,000 tourists from around the world, including 800 Thai tourists across the country, revealing the behavior of Thai people who like to use technology to facilitate during travelling.

Data from


's report on technology exposure among Thai tourists.

Compared to tourists from other countries around the world

It appears that the average is higher than the global average, starting from 78% of Thai tourists.



“strongly influenced”

by social media when making travel booking decisions.

That's 43% higher than the global average.

while 72% wanted automatic check-in.

Compared to the global average of 54% and 93%, they will go into the


before checking in if possible.

This is higher than the global average of 72%. Moreover, 14% of Thai tourists consider chatbots to be an essential must-have for any accommodation or hotel website.

compared to the global average of 8%

Called this

Changing Traveler Report



, in collaboration with Kantar, surveyed 8,182 travelers aged 18 and over in August 2022 in 10 countries: Australia, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, the UK and America by asking 25 questions directly related to accommodation.

and analyzing data on gender, age, location (in the city, suburbs, provinces), travel plans, work plans and the type of accommodation planning to stay next time.

It also provides complementary analysis of reports and data from

McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, Paysafe

and others.

This year, the survey showed the desire to combine work and business with


, with popularity varying from country to country, led by Thailand, followed by Indonesia and China, with two-thirds of Thai tourists or 65% plan to work while traveling

compared to the global average of 36%.

emerging trends

It is expected that accommodation providers will have to adapt to meet the needs of more than just sleeping places.

This is especially true


people who work with them on their travels,

said Brad Hines,


's vice president of marketing

for Asia Pacific.

and not working while traveling

which the group is ready to work with during the trip

They will play the role of small things becoming more important, such as the scent of the accommodation or the art, and they will spend more time considering and choosing the accommodation.

to find the accommodation that resonates with you the most.