Stasya Rovinska

took part in the filming of a new film about Ukraine in the USA called "Mama".

The ex-host of the infotainment show "Your Day" posted several shots from the set on her Instagram page.

In the photo, Stasya poses in a national Ukrainian costume - a crown, an embroidered shirt and a skirt with a belt.

Filming took place in New York.

Judging by the footage shown by Rovinska's colleague, actor and producer Oleg Blinov, the Ukrainian folk song "Oh, in the cherry orchard" will be heard in the film "Mama".

Rovinska will perform this composition in the frame together with other actors dressed in national Ukrainian costumes.

Stasya Rovinska / Photo:

Stasya Rovinska / Photo:

Fans of Stasi noted that this image suits her very well: "A nice girl, a sincere Ukrainian", "Beautiful! Our charming Ukrainian girl!", "but what a nice girl", "the national costume is very suitable."

Stasya Rovinska / Photo:

We will remind you that earlier Stasya Rovinska said that

in the USA she starred in a film

called Slava My Freedom.

In the film directed by Joseph de Cross, it is said that conscripted Russian soldiers are ambushed by local Ukrainian villagers.

What follows is a chain reaction of identity, courage and resilience.

It will be recalled that with the beginning of the full-scale war, Stasya Rovinska left for America with her husband and three small children.

There the family stayed with friends in New York.

The family recently moved to a rented apartment.

Stasya also

got a job as a producer's assistant

in the theater.

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