On Saturday, October 1, the head of the German Ministry of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, visited Ukraine for the first time in more than seven months of the war.

The German official made an unannounced visit to Odesa, where she met with her Ukrainian colleague Oleksiy Reznikov.

The German publication Welt writes about it.

"During his first visit to Ukraine, the Minister of Defense of Germany 

inspected the Gepard anti-aircraft tank originally from Germany


At a site where the system was used at the Odesa grain port, it said it would help protect critical infrastructure and repel Russian airstrikes. 

From the port, Ukrainian grain is exported to the world via the Black Sea," the news agency notes.

In Odesa, the head of the German Defense Ministry met with Ukrainian Minister Reznikov.

During the conversation, the German official promised that 

in the coming days, Ukraine will receive the first air defense system 


Regarding Ukraine's demands to the federal government for the

 supply of tanks,

Lambrecht once again said that her country "will not act alone in this area." 

"Germany has always made it clear that we will not act alone in this area. 

Ukraine also knows that we always coordinate with our partners, for example with the self-propelled howitzer, which we installed together with the Netherlands and also trained on it," she commented. 

We will remind you that during your speech 

Putin accused the US of occupying Germany, Japan and Korea.

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