On Friday, September 30, Russian troops fired at a convoy of cars that were parked at the exit from Zaporizhzhia.

25 dead and 88 wounded were immediately reported.

As of October 1, it became known that 118 civilians

were injured during the Russian attack .

This was announced by Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov on the air of the FreeDom TV channel.

According to him, the number of victims as of October 1 has increased to 118 people,

and 30 people have died.

Among the dead are 2 children.

In connection with the tragedy, a day of mourning for the dead has been announced today, October 1, in the Zaporizhia region. 

It will be recalled that on September 30, Russian troops attacked a motorcade southeast of the city of Zaporizhia, as a result of which 25 civilians were killed.

The ammunition was most likely a long-range Russian anti-aircraft missile used to strike a ground target.

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