The council of the organization includes 36 countries, they are elected every three years at the ICAO assembly.

The current assembly takes place in Montreal, Canada, until October 7.

"We see this as a purely political step that has nothing to do with Russia's position in the field of civil aviation," said a Russian representative.

Earlier, ICAO gave Russia a red flag icon on the flight safety audit page in 187 countries of the world.

The organization also lowered to 77.4 percent its assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of standards in the "airworthiness" category in Russia.

In practice, this means that all other states of the world can deny Russian aircraft the use of their airspace due to the dangerous condition of aircraft from Russia.

According to ICAO regulations, the authorities of that country are responsible for any accident or disaster that occurred in the airspace of a country.

The 41st session of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization is taking place these days in Montreal.

Visas were not issued to the Belarusian delegation.

The Assembly is discussing, among other things, the incident with the forced landing of a plane in Minsk with Raman Pratosevich on board on May 18, 2021.