On her Instagram, 24-year-old



decided to hold an evening of memories and shared photos from her personal archive with her fans. 

The singer's wife said that she had time to work at several jobs before the birth of her daughter and marriage.

As it turned out, she was a cook.

Photo: instagram.com/annavi_i

"I worked in the kitchen. A hot shop cook," Ivanna shared. 

The blogger added several shots in which she showed herself in uniform and the entire work process in the kitchen. 

Photo: instagram.com/annavi_i

Ivanna also had to test her strength on the other side of the restaurant kitchen.

The girl worked as a waiter for some time, but she admitted that this job was not easy for her.

Photo: instagram.com/annavi_i

"I also worked as a waiter in a night club! And I say yes, this is another test for nerves," Ivanna said. 

But Sasachyna's wife took on the experience of motherhood by working with other people's children.

The girl said that she even managed to be a babysitter for a while. 

"I stuck my hand to my child," added Ivanna.

Photo: instagram.com/annavi_i

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