The other day, Olena-Kristina Lebid was finally able to hug her mother, who

was able to escape from Kherson


According to the TV presenter, the mother waited a long time for the "green corridor" and worried that her 4-year-old dog Zhorzyk would endure the journey.

"She made the decision to leave much earlier, but she hoped that people would be given a green corridor. She was waiting for it. Since leaving with a dog and standing in the heat for 7-10 days in the field means exhausting the animal. She herself was ready to to spend the night in the field, if necessary, but not to torture Zhorzyk," said Lebid in an interview with TabloID.

The TV presenter's mother made the final decision to leave Kherson when she realized that the time spent in the occupation had a strong impact on her health. 

"In seven months of babbling and constant nervous tension, my mother lost half her weight. Just her eyes and neck. And also her legs. They are long, but now they are thin. So, the cup of patience overflowed. And she left," said Olena-Kristna.


Before leaving the city, Lebid asked her mother to delete all photos with her and to "clean up" social networks in order to avoid trouble with the occupiers. 

"Since my position from the very first day of the war was unambiguous and transparent: we were attacked by a country of barbarians and aggressors - Russia, and Ukraine is our land, and to drive them all to hell. That's why I asked my mother two days before leaving delete all photos with me, all correspondence, completely demolish Telegram," said the presenter.

Previously, actress Ksenia Mishina

spoke about her parents

and admitted whether they still live in occupied Crimea.

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