as a new hope for Thai sports fans

"The young rubber girl of the Thai national team" that continues to gradually create happiness for Thai people consistently in many events in the past

Most recently, the 2022 World Championship that just ended the first round of slap songs.

Slap Thai girls, do a great job, call it a race when the fans are cheering on the TV screen.

Makes me think of professional boxing, when "Fist punches the gut" Khao Sai Galaxy defended the world championship each time.

The road will be clear because Thai people have to send encouragement every time.

The atmosphere like when "Khao Sai" had been fighting for a very long time.

Even though the cheering of pat girls may not be the same as when "Khao Sai" punches, they have the same characteristics.

I have to admit, this hour will not find any hopeful team sport.

Deep down, I still remember the old days when "Chang Suek" Thai national football was hot.

Especially in the World Cup qualifying round in Asia where "Zico" Kiatisak Senamuang is the head coach under the management of "Bangyi" Worawee Makudi has a great audience.

Because the work of the war elephants at that time was really loud.

Wherever you turn, there are people who want to wear a war elephant shirt. It can be said that it sells well. It can't be produced in time.

But after "Big Odd" Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang took over the administration, I can tell you that Thai football has only fallen backwards in the canal.

Just take the regional league that was once glorious in the "Bungyi" era, especially in the four southern border provinces.

It's said to be scary

Instead, there are fans who visit the stadium like every local match, earning substantial income until they forget the word.

"Dangerous City"

But nowadays, the ever-popular regional leagues are gradually becoming more and more popular.

Shrinking, gradually dissolving almost all teams

Let alone the regional leagues.

The size of the main league like "Thai League", many clubs are willing to sell the club because they have no budget to manage the team.

Plus, the subsidies that had been received substantially in the past were delicious or not yet.

Come back and talk about good things with Thai rubber balls.

Today, slap the girl who achieved the goal and reached the second round already.

From now on, how deep will it reach? It's purely profit.

See this outstanding hot work.

secretly hoping for a big game

“Olympic Games are just the corner of the alley”

, there is nothing wrong with believing that there are more possibilities than going to the World Cup because the size of ASEAN has not yet reached its full potential.

The next round of slapping Thai girls should always be a rock event because they are the last 16 teams in a group way.

Each team is all amulet.

But at this hour anything can happen.

don't forget to send encouragement

Cheer a lot of young girls.

Through Workpoint Channel 23 between October 4-9 in order to slap a girl to reach the dream land.

Tong Jay