The Commission for Energy and Water Regulation will confirm the price of natural gas for October at a meeting today.

Blue fuel is expected to cost below BGN 240/mwh, thanks to the commissioning of the gas connection with Greece.

"The interconnector puts an end to the possibility of Bulgaria being subject to monopoly supplies of natural gas. This is the beginning of real diversification for the country. I would say that with the Komotini-Stara Zagora interconnector, a Bulgarian dream of creating conditions for diversified supplies", said the chairman of KEVR Ivan Ivanov yesterday.

At a meeting yesterday, the energy regulator approved the framework for starting the operation of the intersystem gas connection between Bulgaria and Greece from October 1.

The Minister of Energy: We are solving our problems with the interconnector

The commission adopted three important decisions: the network code with the current trade and market practices was approved, the interconnector's start date of October 1 was confirmed, and it was authorized to carry out the ICGB's licensing activity.

The first two decisions are made by both sides.

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