• the days passed quickly

    We have entered the tenth month. This week, I would like to open the stage with

    Phra Somdej Pim Yai, Somdej Phra Buddhachan (To Phromrangsi) of Wat Rakhang, Bangkok

    of Poi Sia Chaithat Techapaiboon, who is famous for " Phra Rong Khru" has been in the industry since the Sanam Phra period, still hasn't been in the mall.....with completeness

    The beauty of His Majesty's form that is proportional

    The amulet was printed at Lamsan Chad Luek, lacquered, gilded and gilded, originally, with the rest of the Buddha image firmly attached to the Buddha image.

    to consider studying.....and the part that slips

    until the surface is completely covered with talcum powder

    Popularly called "eggshell", which has a thin pattern like "sesame pattern" or "sangkhalok pattern", telling about the natural aging of love gold.

    which are few in number--different from the peeling by intentional peeling off

    to make a peeling skin attached to it

Phra Somdet Pim Yai, Somdej Phra Buddhachan (To) Wat Rakhang of "Poi Sia" Chaithat Techapaiboon.

  • The second one is

    Phra Nirantrai Chaiwat (Hu Khon) Rama V,

    who believed that

    created by himself

    for the royal family's children to study abroad by Somdej Phra Maha Samanajao

    Krom Phraya Pawaret Wariyalongkorn

    presided over the pouring of gold

    Consecrated ..... looks like a Buddha image draped in a robe that lowers the shoulders.

    plain cloth

    Sitting in the attitude of subduing Mara

    above the base of a two-story lotus

    His face revealed his eyes, his nose, his mouth, and his ears.


    With pure silver, like this one of Siang Tong Bang Khae, whose image is a star

    In the textbook Phra Chaiwat, the standard book of the industry

Phra Nirantrai Chaiwat (Hu Khon) Rama V of Tong Bang Khae.

  • Followed by

    Phra Pim Somdet Hu Bai Sri, made of Jindamanee powder, Luang Pu Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Pathom

    .....is a standard print that

    It is widely available in both ground beef, powdered meat and Wan Ya Jindamanee powder.

    The most popular of Sia Itthi Chavalitthamrong, a collection of amulets in the front row.

    with both leading amulets and beautiful amulets for fans to see continuously

    because I know the value

    faith in Buddhism

    Therefore, the search for good monks never stops.

Phra Pim Somdet, Hu Bai Sri, amulet, Jindamanee powder, Luang Pu Boon, Klang Bang Kaew Temple of Phet Itthi.

  • Another item is

    Big Buddha amulet (Big Head), Mek Phat meat, the bottom of the powder, Luang Pu Pring, Bang Pakok Temple, Rat Burana District, Bangkok

    , a unique amulet created by Luang Pu Pring during the Indochina War with alloy material Mekphat.

    with high holiness

    .....Pour cast into a replica amulet such as Phra Khong, under a perforated base containing black powder according to your teachings.

    Increasing the intensity of sacred mystical, miraculous, merciful, invulnerable, invulnerable.....is a highly popular monk.

    But there are few built, very rare, especially beautiful ones.

    In perfect condition, the face has details, eyes, nose, mouth, clear and beautiful. This body of Sia Man Rattana is considered a legendary figure in the industry.

Phra Khong Pim Yai, big head, mekphat material, filled with powder, Luang Pu Pring, Bang Pakok Temple of Man Rattana.

  • Followed by

    Phra Phong Wan Ya, Luang Pu Thuat Pim Lek, giving away to the committee members of Wat Ratchapraditthan (Pakho), Sathing Phra District, Songkhla Province

    .....This temple has a legendary history.

    that is the hometown temple

    At Luang Pu Tuad, there is evidence of a pagoda.

    The temple enshrines a replica.

    Reverend Grandfather Tuad Thuat

    robe washing pond

    And the majestic crystal ball Somdej Pha Ko is preserved.....The committee of measurements created this amulet as a souvenir.

    during the ceremony of celebrating the Mondop

    Footprint of Wat Phako in 1963 ..... is a replica of Luang Pu Thuat.

    Wan Ya powder, gray-black, white blemish skin.

    There is a separate amulet

    Large print.....n and small print. Giving away to the judges, this amulet of Itthi Chavalithamrong, which is an amulet in perfect condition, beautiful as before, rare and rare today. Its popularity is comparable to the first version of the amulet made in 1954. of the elephant temple

Phra Phong Wan Ya, small print, distributed to the committee, 1962, Luang Pu Tuad, Wat Phako of Itthi Chawalitthamrong.

  • Next, look

    at the 1965 gold medal promoted by Luang Pu Tuad, Wat Chang Hai, Khok Pho district, Pattani province

    ..... made as a commemorative coin during the inauguration ceremony.

    Phra Arjarn Tim was Phra Khru Wisai Sophon in 1965 with a pentagonal coin and a floating image.

    Master Tim

    The first model.....has the coin in gold, silver, alpaca and copper. At present, it is a coin that is highly popular. It has overtaken all

    Luang Pu Thuat coins.

    The more it is, it is a gold coin with excellent condition.

    Like this coin of Sia Boy Bang Kruai, the real straight line.

    Say you can call the price as you wish. 

Luang Pu Thuad coin

Model promoted as a monk, gold material, 1965, Wat Chang Hai, belonging to Sia Boy, Bang Kruai.

  • The other coin is

    the 7th Series Medal of the Pha Pa Pha Dye Group, 1976, made of gold (number 7), Luang Pu Perm, Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom province


    Another picture of the people of Nakhon Chai Si

    Those who have observances, are real monks, strictly follow the teachings of the Dharma and Discipline, have strong wisdom, have compassion, are highly admired ..... and are also the successor disciple of the abbot.

    In the original title of Phra Phutthawithee Nayok of Luang Pu Bun Khanthachot.....He was born on January 28, 1886, in the reign of Rama V, ordained as a novice from the age of 8 until he was ordained in B.E. 1907 at Wat Klang Bang Kaeo by Somdej Phra Sangkharat (Pae) ​​when he was in the position of Somdej Phra Wanrat.

    As a preceptor ..... and then resided at Wat Klang Bang Kaew as a major student, studying with Luang Pu Boon, when Luang Pu Boon died, he acted as the abbot for 4 years until he was appointed as the abbot.

    Ruled the temple until his death in 1983, aged 97 years, 77 years old.....

Amulet, Series 7, Pha Pa Chao Dye, 1976, gold material, Luang Pu Perm, Wat Klang Bang Kaew of Kosit Theerasrisuphon.

Throughout his years, he strictly adhered to the Dharma and Discipline.

have beautiful decrees

and using a powerful and magical technique

Create amulets, sacred objects

including Yavasana Chindamanee, Takrut, amulets, various amulets

According to the famous monk.....for example, the first coin, 1961, the 3rd generation coin, 1970, Fan Yod coin, 1974--, and the 7th generation 1976 coin like this one. of Sia Kosit Theerasrisupon, which was created by

The students of the fabric dyeing factory

as a souvenir at the feast

Phapa Samakkhi Year 1976 has both copper, silver and gold with only 9 coins made. The price has risen to a million.

  • The other school is

    Phra Nak Prok amulet, first model, 1988, gold material, Luang Pu Du, Sakae Temple, Uthai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.

    Phra Kechi in the hearts of the old city people

    highly compassionate

    Intense magical power..... He created amulets and inherited amulets.

    The recipe of Luang Por Klan at Wat Phra Yat is famous for example, Phra Phuttha Nuea Phrom, both coins and powder material.

    Open the world coin, Reverend Grandfather Tuad, amulet coin

    Meditation Medal

    etc.....This is the first generation of Phra Nak Prok amulet of Sia Olaf Kitisirisawat who are looking for a lot because it is a Phra Nak Prok coin.

    First Edition--Gold

    For example, this coin is already worth 4 hundred thousand.....today there is space to ask questions about Sanam Phra, about the ideology of the construction.

    Phra Nak Prok -- The person who asked said that he would like to see the Naga fireballs.

    So I want to know about Phra Nak Prok.....you probably know that Phra Pang Nak Prok is a monk born on Saturday.

    Built as a Buddha image seated on the Naga throne

    that spread over the head of the Buddha

    according to the history of Buddhism

    When the Buddha became enlightened and sat under the pecking tree

    Which has wind and rain for 7 days.....

    Phaya Nakaramujalin

    So he rose from the depths of the earth and went around and spread the Buddha image.

    To prevent the wind and rain--so it is a legend that popularly built a Naga prok posture to worship because it is a majestic serpent, Lord Buddha.....popularity in this posture in Thailand.

    from the motto of worshiping Phra Nak Prok

    which is a Khmer art

    Because in the 18th Buddhist century, the Khmer accepted Mahayana Buddhism as their main religion and popularly built Naga Buddha images throughout the kingdom and influenced them to Thailand.

    seen from Phra Nak Prok

    In Phimai Castle.....

Phra Nak Prok, first gold amulet, 1988, Luang Pu Du, Wat Pradu of Olaf Kitisirisawat.

In addition to being a monk born on Saturday, it is believed that those who worship Phra Nak Prok

Will be healed from sickness, the part that is set to be the posture of a Saturday

Probably because Saturday is a strong day.

And Saturn is a great sin planet.

People born today have a strong character, but there are bad things.

The ancient teacher therefore designated the Naga Prok Pang as a daily posture.

to have a Phaya

Protected Naga.....and then comes the end of the story.

born in a large amulet shop

In the department store in Phutthamonthon where auntie, retired civil servant

Put Phra Somdej in a plastic box.

Come and offer to sell to the owner of the shop..... Sian Mong Prat knows that it is Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang 100 years old.

Bring it to watch or sell it. Aunt told me to see if it's a real amulet or not..... The owner of the shop picked up the amulet and said it was a genuine Phra Somdej Wat Rakang.

Aunt listens and smiles. Ask if you can sell it. The owner of the shop told me that it can be sold.

How much is it for sale.....

Aunt said that he heard that Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang cost several millions. Sian listened and shook his head, saying that it was Phra Somdej.

The model that Somdej grew up created was the first model, but my aunt's is His Majesty.

What the abbot built in the latter era in 1972, the price was only thousands.....Aunt listened to it and shook her head, took the monk back and taught the shop owner that this should not be called "Phra Somdet", must be called " Your Lord" according to the base, because the price is very different, Mr. Amitta Buddha.