On Sunday, September 25 this past.

The head of the curious team received an invitation from Khun Prakit.

Apisarn Thanarak, chairman of Prakit Holdings Public Company Limited (the largest Thai advertising company), attended the opening ceremony of a new hospital on Sukhumvit Soi 62, not far beyond Phra Khanong area.

Those of you who have been following this column for quite a long time probably already know that.

The team leader Khun Prakit has been a close friend since he was a student of the Faculty of Economics.

Thammasat University

The first entrance exam model, 1960 or 62 years ago over there.

Later, even after graduating, going to work and getting married and having a family

We, the students of this generation, still love and associate with each other as closely as first-year students.

Who has an event, we will always go to the event to congratulate each other to encourage or comfort each other.

Ultimately, but what kind of work is each friend's job?

For the opening of a new hospital where a friend or Khun Prakit is the main leader and majority partner, this is an event of happiness and initial success.

It is therefore worth congratulating.

But at the same time, because the investment in building a hospital in this era requires a large sum of money.

So we still have to wonder what the future will be like?

To survive or not?

Therefore, it is a matter that should be encouraged to go along with it.

Initially, Khun Prakit intended to build

A small, compact hospital eventually turned into a 12-storey building with 144 nursing beds, and a separate 8-storey car park that can accommodate more than 200 cars.

The investment is gradually increasing from the thought of using a loan of 1,000 million baht, it becomes 3,000 million baht, and that's why Prakit has to find

a "partner"

to invest and eventually get

Saha-Union Company. Nam Public Company Limited


Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited

as partners

Move forward with the project that has been completely reworked from the original idea until its completion.

In addition,

MR Pridiyathorn Devakun,

former Deputy Prime Minister

and former Governor of the Bank of Thailand

and former president of the Economics Association

First Thammasat

become the chairman of the hospital as well

In the remarks, the hospital's origins were reported at the hospital's opening ceremony.

On that past Sunday

Dr. Soonthorn Sritha, director of the hospital

Said the vision of the hospital that

“We will be a new concept hospital that is ready to provide a full range of premium services.

at a friendly price”

with our patients.

When there is an opportunity to chat while eating snacks

So the team leader asks you to elaborate on this statement…especially the issue of

“new concept”.

What is it?

Dr. Soonthorn explained further that

Nowadays, medical technology has come a long way.

At the same time, we have a large number of specialist doctors in our home in various fields.

But what is still missing is


Or the use of these technologies and medical knowledge to be used together in caring for patients to be powerful and effective only.

From this problem, the hospital's executive committee, who has expertise in various fields,

that is not only medicine

Let's help find another answer.

Until there is a management system...coordination...operation and use of technology as a tool for medical treatment until it becomes a

"new concept"

of medical treatment that

Ruamjairak Hospital @ Sukhumvit 62

will bring. continue to use


, a technology in remote patient care,

will allow doctors from hospitals to take care of patients closely, even when they are in different directions from the start.

As soon as the patient falls and the first minute the ambulance arrives, the initial information of the patient can be reported to the hospital center.

And when the patient arrives at the hospital, it is


to perform treatment immediately.

Including with this system, it will make it possible to consult with various specialists that the hospital provides for almost 300 people closely and all the time ... and in the case of having to consult with many diseases at the same time

In order for the treatment to be the most effective, it can be done effectively.

Ask how much will this modern service cost?

will be as high as the kind that people cry

Is it often in the headline news?

The doctor replied that with our management method...we believe that the cost can be greatly reduced.

The cost of our treatment will be at the level called.

As stated, “friendly prices”

that middle-income earners are likely to accept.


It remains to be seen whether the "new concept"



"Ruamjairak @ Sukhumvit 62"

will be able to treat patients in a new way, how much?

The team leader snorted and learned that

To serve to encourage a dear friend to invest in this field.

It must be written to encourage in advance.

wish friends success

To provide Thailand with a private health and medical care system that will help take care of middle-income groups

(up to high) more efficiently

Thank you for your "friendly"

medical expense statement

...and keep this policy intact.

As long as it can make medical expenses

In a friendly price...the hospital will get many people and patients to be friendly.

Leave the management as well.