The People's Party Taoyuan mayoral candidate Lai Xiangling threw out a debate post today.

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[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] Lai Xiangling, a candidate for Taoyuan mayor of the People's Party, threw out a debate post today. She said that she had signed a letter of intent for the TV debate of the Public Broadcasting Group.

In this regard, Zhang Shanzheng, a candidate of the Kuomintang, believes that the debate before the election is a good thing. If the Central Election Committee holds a political opinion conference or other forms of discussion, he will cooperate. Participated in the debate.

As for whether to participate in the TV debate of the Public Broadcasting Group, Tsang Junhao, spokesman for Zhang Shanzheng's competition office, pointed out that in addition to the political opinion presentations or debates held by the Central Election Committee, if there are other specific unit debates, all camps need to fully communicate and exchange views.

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Huang Weijun, spokesman for the DPP candidate Zheng Yunpeng's campaign office, said that since Zheng Yunpeng's candidacy, he has raised policies every week, and has raised more than 40 political opinions so far. Zheng Yunpeng is happy to see that the Taoyuan mayoral election can return to the right track of policy discussions. For invitations to activities such as policy presentations, forums, and debates from many units, the organizer will learn about the format and content before deciding whether to participate.