The weather is good...the sun is not strong, the wind blows cool and comfortable, the fan doesn't need electricity...but the propeller can spin and work by itself.

This weekend, "Khun Chai 3" pinned to ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha at Ayutthaya province.

"Khun Anan's shop

Riverfront-Halal, Bang Pa-in District

Along the Chao Phraya River

It can be said that ... just touching the atmosphere will make you feel full and your heart is even more full.

Although the water level is high over the banks.

But the shop is still open at the top inside the house.

The bottom part?

Stretching nets to catch fish for customers to take pleasure in changing the atmosphere to people by the water.

with small adventure activities in the basement of the house

Both children and adults can have fun.

It is said that anyone who wants to find

"river shrimp"

, big bouncy meat, halal sauce.

Enjoy the atmosphere close to the river and what it is.

It should not be missed by all means.

he guarantees

"Khun Anan's shop


is the only one in Ayutthaya.


family atmosphere

Take care of customers very well.

Today's trip, although there are already some supplies along the way.

But when it arrived, I couldn't help but order.

Members started to open the menu, flipping back and forth, they wanted it, they liked it.

for example, hungry

Grilled shrimp, jumbo size, 3 pieces, 1,800 baht per kilogram, and size 12 pieces, 800 baht per kilogram (pre-order only)...

Curry type: Sour curry with mixed vegetables and shrimp

Fried Cha-Om Som Som, Tom Yum Gourami, Tom Yum Goong, Tom Kha Gai, Tom Kha Gourami

Tom Yum Coconut Milk with Snakehead Fish

Fried Chicken with Salt, Fish Cake, Minced Chicken Omelette... Minced Shrimp... Crab

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce...Fried Garlic

Larb Pla Chon... Snapper, Snakehead, go through the garden... As for the one dish, there are many varieties.

And it ended up ordered 2 sets of roti with milk sugar, french fries and cheese.

The other ordered Pad Thai Hom Prae.

Another person ordered an ancient pomelo salad, fresh coffee, smoothies, iced cocoa.


and watch the fun atmosphere. Wait for a long's starting to serve.

Pad Thai Hom Prae...the dish looks inviting and makes a beautiful dish.

The taste is good, mellow, soft, sticky, firm, delicious, perfect fit.

Roti not to mention

Eating with fresh coffee is definitely good for your heart.

Just one bite and it's refreshing, fragrant, delicious, perfectly balanced, full of beards, crispy fish, roasted coconut, nuts, fried dried chilli, fish meal, topped with a special recipe of seasoning sauce... eaten with betel leaves.

Really good fit

Personally, I like it very much. I have to thumbs up.

He looked back and saw that beside the table, they came together like a smiling family.

Freshen up with the atmosphere of the shop

In general, a restaurant like this has an atmosphere like bringing a house to a real restaurant like this. It's hard to find.


Anek Phong Wichian,

71 years old, the owner of the shop told me that

Originally, when there was no dam on the waterfront, when it was finished, the area looked neat.

But still saw the dam line, so I felt that the area would be renovated into a restaurant that would be the best fit.

The original house was inside near the road.

But the additional waterfront area is now part of the restaurant seen today.

look shady and beautiful

Plus, it's still a home that looks warm and shady.

Anyone who has the opportunity to visit will feel good, like everyone, plus the atmosphere at the waterfront like this, the weather is cool, the wind blows all the time, plus a variety of food.

Many are even more fascinated.

Customers who have been here want to come again.

Plus, word-of-mouth, it can be called ... Saturday.

Open Sunday, if you don't reserve in advance, you may have to sit and wait for a long time. The table is not empty at all.

Back in the sweet days, the first time they opened up selling beef noodles.

Curry Noodles

coconut milk noodles

Only a few dishes to order

And then open for sale only "Sunday" one day because most of the quality team are all in Bangkok.

There are few people at the waterfront house.

It's been sold all the time.

Do it and start getting more customers.

The first period was called

“Sunday Noodle Shop”

Selling very well. Selling very well. Asking more and more, so I can't stand the cry until I have to open on Saturday as well.

Plus the team talks and agrees that why it's okay to take it.

Which is a family member, all alternate to help.

Unless the waitress has some local employed.

When the restaurant opens on Saturdays and Sundays, the menu has been expanded to become a full-service restaurant.

Each menu sells well and mixes well.

It is said that customers eat every menu equally.

It's delicious and mouth-watering for every menu.

Then came to build more coffee shops and bakeries.

Continuously expand the area to accommodate more and more customers.

Most of the customers are people who come to visit on Saturdays and Sundays and come to try.

There are quite a few old customers who have come and come again and often make reservations in advance.

A surprising menu that attracts customers, besides the big fresh grilled shrimp, is Tom Yum Pla Gourami.

This menu, the customer said, had never tried anywhere before and would like to try it.

After tasting it, I liked it.

Some people even buy it to take home... Roughly cooked, it uses only sun-dried Gourami.

take normal tom yum

And then there is another best-selling menu, the latest...ancient pomelo salad.

Khun Anan's shop

Riverfront – Halal

This name has recently been changed.

Grandchildren took the name of grandfather and grandfather's name.

At present, I am still alive, 95 years old, whoever comes and goes will be impressed...waiting to open the house to accept all customers.

repeat again

The shop is open on Saturday - Sunday from 11.00-20.00 Tel. 08-1822-3428.

Alright, who's passing through Ayutthaya?

or intending to invite

Khun Anan's shop


If you don't want to miss it, call. Let's order in advance, especially the jumbo size "River Prawns" or at least guarantee to reserve a table in advance so you don't miss out if it's crowded.

sir 3