Kaohsiung's "Banana Culture Festival - Qishan Good Banana Love" event offered free bananas for the public to taste.

(Photo by reporter Su Funan)

[Reporter Su Funan / Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung's "Banana Culture Festival - Qishan Good Banana Love" series of activities kicked off this morning at the East Nine Road Station - Qitang Agricultural Innovation Park. Regarding the recent drop in banana prices, Qishan District The farmers' association emphasized that the current price of premium bananas is more than 10 yuan per kilogram. The media reported that the price of green bananas has collapsed. The two cannot be confused, and the price has stabilized.

The Banana Culture Festival series of activities will be held today and tomorrow in the Qitang Agricultural Innovation Park of Qishan Sugar Factory. This morning, the banana quality evaluation competition will take the lead, followed by the "Jiaocheng Agricultural Products Conference" showcasing banana ice and banana cake. , banana egg rolls, banana and pineapple cakes and other agricultural product development achievements, mayor Chen Qimai, legislator Qiu Yiying, deputy director of the Agriculture and Food Administration Yao Zhiwang and others were invited to kick off the event.

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Kaohsiung's banana planting area is about 2,153 hectares, accounting for 14.6% of the country's total. The main production areas are concentrated in Qishan, Meinong, Neimen, Shanlin, Tianliao, Daliao and other regions, with an annual output of 56,513 tons, second only to Pingtung and Nantou. , Chiayi, this year, due to the stable climate and high temperature in summer, the banana production is large and the price is low, which has recently become a hot topic.

Chen Qimai said that for the past few days, he and the director of agriculture have traveled to Qishan several times for the price of bananas. The city government and the farmers' association are paying close attention to the price. purchase price.

He said that the city government has purchased 860,000 tons of bananas this year, and will start the purchase at any time depending on the price. Kaohsiung autumn and winter bananas have been produced one after another, and the city government has launched a number of measures, including winning corporate group purchases and e-commerce orders. and Carrefour will also handle the promotion of Qishan bananas.

The city government emphasized that Kaohsiung bananas are of high quality, not only have a strong aroma and a good taste, but also contain rich nutrients. One of the missing members is not only the fresh bananas that are favored by the Japanese side, but also the inquiries about processed products are quite high. The public is welcome to buy more Kaohsiung bananas during the production season.

Banana farmer Zhang Linyumei (middle) won the championship of the Qishan Banana Quality Evaluation Competition, and Mayor Chen Qimai (2nd from left) came to the stage to present the award to congratulate him.

(Photo by reporter Su Funan)

Kaohsiung bananas are of good quality, not only have a strong aroma and a good taste, but also are rich in nutrients.

(Photo by reporter Su Funan)