In the afternoon of October 1, a

powerful fire broke out in the annexed Crimea near Belbek airport.

The occupying "authority" said that the fire near

the airport was caused by the fall of a plane that rolled off the runway

Military expert

Oleksandr Kovalenko believes that this 

may mean the depletion of the enemy's aviation equipment resource. 

This opinion was expressed by Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political columnist of the "Information Resistance" group.

"This indicates,


, that the pilot was not professional enough to assess the situation and carry out a safe landing. That is, at one of the most important airfields of the DOM, flights were made by... a yellow

-throated bird? Secondly

, the pilot could have been let down by the equipment, which was no longer suitable for flights, but there is simply nothing for Russian pilots to fly now. That is, we can talk

about the exhaustion of the resource of aviation equipment



, it can be both the first and second things at the same time, which is just bingo - an unqualified pilot, at the helm of the equipment killed by time, and as a result - billows of smoke over Belbek," he explained.

We will remind you that in the temporarily occupied Crimea, a powerful fire broke out near the airport "Belbek", which is near Sevastopol.

Before that, locals heard explosions.

In turn, the local occupation "authority" declares that an "extraordinary situation" has occurred at the airport in Belbek.

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