On her Instagram page,

Masha Efrosinina

reacted to Ukraine's urgent

application to join NATO

and President Volodymyr Zelenskyi's statement that negotiations with Russia will be possible only when there is a

change of power

there . 

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The TV presenter spoke emotionally about the mobilization in the Russian Federation and noted that the aggressor country was on the verge of collapse.

According to the star, even liars have a code of honor, unlike Russians. 

"The other day, a bunker scumbag announced a partial mobilization in Russia. The lie, as it was, remained so. First, the mobilization is not partial, but total, and secondly, it was already underway, but covertly, but less so... All sofa experts who were for Russia, surpassed themselves - today the most common query on Google is: how to leave Russia, how to break one's arms and legs, how not to be in Russia. But all this mess does not drive people out into the street," Yefrosinina said in the video. 

In addition, the TV presenter expressed the opinion of all Ukrainians regarding Vladimir Putin and wished him to be left alone as soon as possible. 

"The bunker rat absolutely does not think about the fact that he has the most demotivated army in the world, it is an army of drunkards, provincials, an army of those who do not have a television. He turns into a laughing stock. We wish him to become such a lonely laughing stock that everyone leaves him - and those who today forget to peel off the letter "zu" from their cars while crossing the border with Georgia. We wish him to remain so alone and abandoned that he turns into a selfish, lonely laughingstock, because a lonely laughingstock is a dead laughingstock, which the entire Ukrainian people sincerely he wishes," said Masha.

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